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Looking for a little inspiration

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Thanks for sharing. Here is your html-code:

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I don't know this creater name. I like pretty bright and colourful puzzles.


You're very welcome. And so far, no haters have come around!

Oh, and thank you for posting more. : =}

Thank you, auntie, for your quick reply. It never occurred to me that someone might take offense to such an unusual but a stunning, artistic piece. I do hope none of them show up. Annie


Done! Enjoy!


First thanks for your politically sensitive comment! I was so afraid I'd get rat-haters here! We (extended family) have had fancy rats as pets for 18 years! The most wonderful pets ever! I've tried to find out who produced these but there doesn't seem to be any info anywhere. There are several more though not all of them include the rat. I'll post them today. Thanks again!

Though rats can be off-putting, it's a fabulous photo. Assuming from your two posts, there are more? Can you tell us the origin or source of this piece? I'd really like to know more. Thank you for posting!