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Winter front stoop kitties! 😻😊

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There's only room for one in this small barrow, but he's happy to share the catnip cocoa!!

Planned to add a couple of fun squirrel figures holding faux snowballs as if they were going to throw them at the cats, but feared they'd not weather the weather even somewhat protected, so they're on the kitchen window ledge instead. 😊

snowball squirrels:
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  1. Dclo1:28
  2. fuseau1:54
  3. Warehouse2:07
  4. babray2:13
  5. diannez2:31
  6. Impie2:37
  7. 3kidSABC4522:50
  8. MeMaw232:57
  9. shadow143:24
  10. Pekaji3:32


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Yikes! We’ll keep fingers and paws crossed for you as well so you won’t need to rely on all your portable kitty heaters! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Yea, we have that same chilly, NOPE COLD weather coming. Fingers crossed my central heat gets fixed tomorrow!


Thanks, Betty! They sure are, and just in time for chilly ....and even some! 😊😊

All dressed up for the season! Looks great!


Yes, we are, Anne, thanks to the scarves and catnip cocoa. Thanks for stopping by to say hello! Glad you enjoy visiting with us. 😊

So far, so good, Impie. 😊 It's been quite chilly some days and only a wee bit of snow .... so far.


Aww, you have your cute kitties displayed on your front stoop again. So lovely and cheerful. Let's hope the weather stays good and they won't get snowed under like last year(?).


Hello Front Stoop Kitties. Hope you are both staying warm out there! They are always so cute.



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