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How to win a horse race.

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  1. like921150:40
  2. Gladstone0:47
  3. redcoco0:52
  4. chookies0:54
  5. PLG19580:55
  6. Annick0:57
  7. mariolyn0:57
  8. CelesteH0:57
  9. franca19470:59
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A race by twosies.


I'm glad I read the comments before I made an appt with my eye doc. I thought maybe I was seeing double! Neat composition!


Photo Finish, of sorts, very clever, Thanks PG.


Thank you Ank I had to look several times also.
Thank you Morris it was fun.
Jack how are you feeling? Everything going well for you I hope.
Thank you Celeste it was fun to do.
Yes YG they were part of it. We have dressage horses but they are now trail horses getting too old to compete. We had trotters but no more.
Thank you pkin.



Whoa, PG, how clever is that, have the two riders involved seen this photo? What fun & I, too love that tree! I'm thinking I'd heard your own horses are for dressage, or do you own racers as well? Bravo, your photoness, the more I look at this photo, the more I am impressed :)))


That is pretty awesome PG.. thanks
love it!!


fantastic pg


Awesome, pg!!!!


Thanks PG, you gived us an other beauty. Very nice the way you made it. I had to look three times before I knew what I saw. I like it.


Thank you Chickster glad you liked it.
Yes, you have Pumpkin and yes you have. It is the only place to get a good shot in the morning and it was planted in honor of a horse who was buried under it.
Thank you Gladstone we can only try and some say I am trying....


Thank you. Great work.


An amazing shot of neck n neck. Quite creative,
We have seen that tree before at the track, haven't we?


Well aren't you clever young man. Fun puzzle.


I guess you can call that a neck and neck shot.


Cool! Neck & neck, and neck & neck, and neck & neck, and neck & neck, and neck & neck all the way! Nice work!!!


Yes Patti I had nothing to do one day at the track so I tried something gnu and this is what I got after a little work. Same two horses and riders at full stride.


Is that the same two people five times?

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