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Black Forest, Mayo, American, lettuce, pickle, onion

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  1. gc20190:05
  2. Gideon1230:06
  3. Brian6660:07
  4. popoko0:09
  5. Spyra790:09
  6. Ianto0:09
  7. wshealy0:10
  8. LissTJ0:11
  9. Lydialove090:11
  10. JennyG660:12


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Glad to be of assistance! LOL!


Never would have thought of that, DJ. I have always enjoyed a high-carb diet. In this case, I can see your point.


I love crusty bread like this, but that is a little too much bread for a sammie like this. I usually hollow out the center a little...makes more room for the goodies. *lol* dj


Thank you, no news of Claudette and I think I'm too far away. It has been raining heavily every day, though, so we might be getting what the wind blows to the east.

Suddenly, I can't keep my eyes open any more. I'm going for an hour's nap.

I've had fun catching up on my backlog of Notifications, and everyone has been especially entertaining today!

looks yummy...maybe for dinner tonight. watching weather channel- hop you weren't affected by Claudette. warm and breezy here. overcast, no rain yet.


@eagleboi, it's always a pleasure to serve you. You're an excellent food observer and critic. No onions, next time!

@jimez - Jim, it's always a pleasure to have you crack me up. :-D


Looks yummy except leave the onion out for me lol, not a fan of them. The bread looks great, a nice crust and airy interior, just the thing to put god stuff on ;-) Thanks for this one Mischka


Ordinary but quick to make.

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