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tiny sharks teeth

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some tiny sharks teeth my youngest daughter found and gave me. the blacker they are, the older more fossilized they are!
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I am glad to hear that you were on vacation as I kept looking at your puzzle page and was getting concerned that perhaps something had happed to you. I am glad you are OK. We will be going to one of 'my girl's house for dinner. 'my kids' are kids that have grown up with me or my best friend's kids who also grew up with me. I used to have a day care and a lot of the kids I took care of became part of my family along with their parents. We became very close to some families. So I have an extended family that I love. Merry Christmas. I hope you have a safe and happy holiday season. Bunny


@BunnyLeigh you are more than welcome! I happen to have gone on vacation the beginning of dec, was at a really cool auto museum, and sold these to the lady selling the tickets! ;-] Yes, I make my own jump rings. I'm glad you had a nice turkey day!! My husband and I went to his son's for dinner. we played games after dinner and had a lovely time!

This is an interesting piece. Nice of your daughter to bring them to you. Thank you for the information on the sharks teeth. I wasn't aware that they fossilized like this. I will have to look it up, it sounds interesting. Do you make your own jump rings too ? I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. My husband and his sister ( who lives with us ) had a nice quiet dinner at home. I was a pleasant day for us. Bunny


lunie, thank you!


beautiful carole! a uniquely designed pair.

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