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My Mother Hand-Colorized

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A tribute to my mother when I think this was when she was around 20 years old...not sure.

Happy Mother Day to all who are mothers.
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Thanks, Nancy. Will do. :-))


dj, give your hubby thanks from me also!!


Thanks, BB, I will tell him. Yes, Mother was very pretty. :-))


A lovely photo of a very pretty lady, Donna.
Please say hello and give our respects and many thanks to your husband today.
I too had friends who went to VN. (*ˊᵕˋ)


dj, May her memory be for a blessing.




Thank you, Becca48 She was the same way inside also. Very caring and loving. dj


What a lovely lady your mom was! ♥️


Thank you @margitsz - she was a wonderful person. Still miss her after all these years. dj


Your mother is very lovely; delicate, sweet and innocent!




@Donnajames - The german Vatertag is on the same as "Ascension of Jesus", which is an religious holiday over here and we have a day off. Vatertag 2020 was May 21st.

And no, I DO NOT celebrate fathers day because of no proven evidence... *whistle*


Michael, do you also celebrate Father's Day also. We have that coming up on June 21.


@Donnajames - Yes we do celebrate "Muttertag" in germany. My mom passed away 16 years ago and I am steall weak on this. :-(


Thanks Michael. I don't know if you celebrate Mother's Day in Germany, but if you do, a very happy Mother's Day to your Mom and to your wife.

Nancy, thank you. One day I might post a picture of day!...someday!.........


I love this photo...she is so pretty*!* So now I can guesstimate how you look :)) Have a great day with your 16 year old 4 legged daughter!!!!


Happy mothers day to all bee's. ;-)


A very nice colored pic of your Mom, Donna!
Happy Mothers Day from me, too!


Thank you Bev. She is always in my heart along with my Dad. They were married 64 years before he passed and 18 months later she joined him. They are still together! Brings a smile to my face.

Happy Mother's Day to you too. Your mom was beautiful and still is in your heart.


Sort of look like her, in some aspects. Sort of look like my Dad too...but when they got married, people told the two of them they looked like brother and sister!!!! And, yes, I am a mother to 4-legged critters. Happy Mother's Day to you too.


Lovely, Donna. Do you look like your mother? From the picture you sent me, I see a strong resemblance...Happy Mother's Day to you as have a 16 yr old so deserve the title as well. :0}


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