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Getting Ready for Migration

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  1. rtheory8:23
  2. bunzy8:31
  3. marycj10:03
  4. dartagnan10:07
  5. dijits6610:48
  6. kcramp10:48
  7. barb4511:03
  8. janejig11:06
  9. diversid11:09
  10. tollerbelle11:15


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It's my understanding that the Monarchs live about six months. They migrate to the U.S., reproduce, then die. The new Monarchs then migrate to Central or South America where they reproduce, then die. It would be interesting to find out which butterfly takes four generations to complete its route. Thanks for your comment.

Are these the ones that it takes four generations to make the full route? Lovely in any case! Tx

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