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The Siamese Twins

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Siamese Twins, located in the Garden of the Gods. Manitou Springs, Colorado. Solve the puzzle for Travel Bug Tracking code. Enjoy!

70 million years ago, the Siamese Twins would have been trapped in the freshly formed Fountain Formation. Eventually, the softer rocks around the Siamese Twins were weathered away leaving the Twins as one connected rock. More weathering had to occur to create the arch the Siamese Twins form today. Wind carries particles away from the rock. In addition to wind, rainwater dissolves the small amounts of hematite which bonds the sandstone together, and after millions of years the Twins were weathered enough to create the two columns and arch they are today.
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  1. Tikabella36:49
  2. TaMaLeLo39:14
  3. fietspIRaat45:07
  4. Enteli45:39
  5. tehohef6847:28
  6. rubby_jigidi49:51
  7. mikpunt50:07
  8. Pinsel8650:21
  9. niggae50:25
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British Columbia

Merci Geodog74 pour le puzzle et le partage du TB.
France - Limousin - Haute Vienne

British Columbia Canada

This old country is from Lake County, Florida. Enjoyed your puzzle.



I'm from Ohio and Florida. I've been to Garden of the Gods twice, many years ago. A beautiful place.

Im from Nebrask. Loved the puzzle.

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