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Little red huts at Storsjön, Sweden, photo by Roine Johansson

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Hi Graciela and Joyce! I'm so glad you liked this winter picture. Thanks! :))))

Hi Geri! Thank you ever so much for your very kind comments. And thanks for sharing your family history. It's always interesting to learn about other peoples roots. It makes me happy to hear that the Swedish heritage isn't forgotten, considering the time and distance. I hope the restaurant is still there. Here we have a TV show in which Americans with Swedish ancestors get to travel around Sweden, learn more about their Swedish ancestors and in the end of the series the winner (it's a competition) gets to meet his/hers relatives here. Perhaps you should participate Geri? :))))) It would be all for free…. :)))
I think I'm just "lucky" to have many people solving my puzzles. I haven't been on Jigidi very frequently during this past year. But now I'm up to posting puzzles again and hopefully people will appreciate them…. as before. There are so many good puzzles out there…. and I never seem to have the time to solve all the ones I like. :))
I hope you will "stop by" any of my puzzles again, Gery! Tack så mycket!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))))))) Best wishes for 2015!!!!


Beautiful Kari ~ It looks like it could be a Christmas card!!! Thank Kari!! :)))))))
(time, 5:07)


So beautiful Kari! it looks like our winters here in Canada!

p.s. Kari, I saw from doing your puzzles that you are Swedish. But your English is so good that one could never tell it wasn't your first language. I know many Scandinavians are fluent in English, so congratulations on being very solidly in that group! With the world seeming to get smaller, being fluent in other languages is such an asset.

Hi, Kari.

What a beautiful little puzzle. I have to thank you for creating so many puzzles that I really like. I went through your klnkln & klnkln1 puzzles & bookmarked a ton and have done a lot of them. It seems like you must be one of the most popular puzzle-makers on jigidi because so many of your puzzles have over 200, 300 or even 400 solves (& some more than that with one that I did nearing 900!!)

So thanks and tack sa mycket. (I worked at a Swedish restaurant - my first job at 16 - and we had to write "tack sa mycket" on every check. I live in Minnesota, USA, which has a lot of people of Scandinavian descent. As a matter of fact, my father is 100% Swedish-American, with his father emigrating from Sweden at the age of 19.)


I'm so glad you like the puzzle, defont! Thanks! :))


The sun shining on the snow and the trees make this a beautiful puzzle.