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"Fabrizio Cristiano De André (Italian pronunciation: [faˈbrittsjo de anˈdre]; 18 February 1940 – 11 January 1999) was an Italian singer-songwriter.

"Known for his sympathies towards anarchism, left-libertarianism and pacifism, his songs often featured marginalized and rebellious people, Romani, prostitutes and knaves, and attacked the Catholic Church hierarchy. Artistically active for almost 40 years and the author of thirteen studio albums, he is considered one of the most influential and important Italian songwriters. He is renowned for the quality of his lyrics, considered by many critics as poetry and included in several school textbooks. He contributed to the promotion of the languages of Italy, most notably Ligurian and, to a lesser extent, Sardinian, Gallurese and Neapolitan. Following his early death several streets, places, parks, schools and public libraries were named after him."

~ Wikipedia
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I agree, it is incredibly touching.


That line struck me as well.


for some reason, the line that touches me the most is "When he will cross the last old bridge" - there's a tremendous amount of meaning in that image


You're welcome, stunned!

Thanks for the post, very interesting commentary.


Thank you, Lyricist.


I searched for an explanation of what he meant by that statement. taken on its own, it struck me as a horrifying carte blanche for those who would inflict horror on others. History has shown us that such people exist - the true subject for any discussion of hell - and i doubt such people ever feared eternal justice for their actions in life.

However, i found the proper context for your quote that puts this line in a different light - an expression of emotion in a poem he wrote in tribute to a friend who had committed suicude:

Prayer in January
Versions: #1#2
Oh Lord, let his path
be flowering
when he will have to return
his soul to you
and his skin to the world,
when he will come to your sky,2
whereby stars shine
in broad daylight.

When he will cross
the last old bridge,
he will say to suicide victims,
kissing them on the forehead,
«Come to heaven,
where I am going too,
because there is no hell
in the good Lord’s world.»

Let him join You
with his tired bones,
followed by thousands
of those pale faces;
let him come back to You,
among those killed by contempt,
who showed their courage
to the sky and the earth.

You prig gentlemen,
I hope you won’t be disgruntled
if in Heaven, among the Saints,
God, in his arms,
will drown the sobbing
of those pallid lips
who preferred to die
rather than give up to hatred and ignorance.

God of mercy,
your nice Paradise,
you made it especially
for those who couldn’t laugh,
for those ho lived
with a pure conscience.
Hell exists only
for those who fear it.

Nobody better than him
could ever point out
the mistakes of us all,
whom you can and will save.

Listen to his voice
that is singing in the wind now.
God of mercy,
you’ll be glad, you’ll see.

God of mercy,
you’ll be glad, you’ll see.

1. This song is dedicated to the Italian singer Luigi Tenco who committed suicide on January 27, 1967.
2.cielo = sky; heaven.

@ Lyricist; Right on!!!


you addressed that to me, so...he's not dead, then?


Thank you for your comments, Jeri and Lyricist. Let's not pursue that subject anymore, shall we?


You're welcome, Patti. I'm sorry to hear about your computer woes and I do hope you are back in the solving business soon!


he's dead now, isn't he? so i guess he's got the answers.

It is too be feared if you don't have a relationship with Jesus in your life. Unfortunately I am not allowed to explain more but look up John 3:16. This may cause me trouble with Jigidi but it had to be said and I was told to say it. No accepting Jesus Christ in your life and your eternity won't be that party in hell with all your friends - that you and your friends may joke about - but it will be eternity of suffering without God.



P.S. Can't solve right now. Computer on the blink.)


Interesting. Reminds me of something my mom once said. My great uncle had just commented, "There ain't no hell." Mom replied, "We make our own heaven or hell right here and now." Thanks for the thought-provoking puzzle!


Some agree, some disagree, and some are disappointed. It takes all kinds. Thanks, Cyndi, Woofers, Robin, Claire, Donna, and Pat for your comments. :-)




And those who create it.


I could not agree more, thanks, Bill.

I don't agree with this statement either.


I don't agree with this at all.


Some create their own hell.


This is so VERY true Bill. Hope you have a good Friday.

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