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Alta Vista

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This massive Lakefront Estate was built in 1919 for Colonel William N. Pelouze, the founder of the Pelouze Scale and Balance Company. At the height of their success, Pelouze scales were used exclusively by the United State Postal Department. The home you see pictured above is actually the second Alta Vista.

The original Alta Vista Lakefront Mansion was built for Orrin Potter in 1881. Mr. Potter was a brilliant businessman who merged the Union and Illinois Steel companies. He is credited with bringing the iron and steel industry from Pennsylvania to the Midwest. The original Alta Vista estate was a beautiful Victorian and was destroyed in a fire in 1919, just after being purchased by the Pelouze family.

More recently, this Lakefront Lake Geneva Property was owned by the Vick family, famous for Vick Pharmaceuticals. You probably have a jar of their famous Vicks Vapor Rub stashed away at home.

Alta Vista is one of the most talked about Lakefront Estates on Geneva Lake and a real joy to admire.
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90% hers and 10% his????


His and Her's - a definite symmetry to this house!


Wonderful pictures Lyndee!!
Thanks for sharing !!!


Am getting a kick out of the great big home on the lake with a small runabout and a pontoon party boat as the only watercraft.


Some people are just too rich Lunie.


Money wasted in homes used so sparingly!


Most of them are Janet. Most of them have their main home in bigger cities such as Chicago or Milwaukee.


It is HUGE, Lyndee. Are all these fabulous homes just holiday homes? That must have been quite a cruise. Thanks and hugs.


Floyd, you can have all the in-laws over and not even know they're there!!!! :)


Looks like a HUGE duplex, or a hotel or resort complex.


I think I would get lost in this one......and how does one decide which room they want to spend their time in????? And, if I misplace something (as I always do) how long would it take me to search through every room trying to find it!!!! Thanks everyone.


They have some gorgeous flowers along the front too. An amazing home for sure. Info great also. ♥♥


The gardener has his hands full, I think.


Actually I think those houses are too big for me. ☺ I think I stay where I am. ☺☺☺

Thaks Lyndee ♥♥♥


And each has their own boat too ;-))


Probably two!!! Two people who really don't want to be together!!! LOL


I wonder how many lived there?

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