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Ash - Enjoying the 'Videos for your cat' YouTube channel!

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Thank you Mrs Q_E - hope you. Mr Q_E and all the fur babies have a wonderful Christmas too!


Ash - this looks like great TV I will have to check it out for Reese's she probably will love it - Glad to see you are all make online again - Have a Merry Christmas!


Freya wasn't interested in it at all but Ash really did watch the fish for the whole half hour - no napping!


Welcome back catslave, we've all missed you and your kitties.
I must try this one with Tisket as she sometimes watches the television very intently and I wonder if she has any idea what she's watching. Shouldn't think she's ever seen fish swimming about :-)))


Soo, he doesn't get it all his own way...well, maybe! ☺☻☺

Dennie, he was very content just to watch the fish...for half an hour!! The birdies video, however, had him round the back of the monitor, wondering where they went!! ☺☻☺

Good to be back, Impie! :)

Thank you Pammi, I have my good days and my not so good days. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!! ♥☺♥


Ash, how lucky are you???? Cat TV from the comfort of your own bed. God bless YouTube.
catslave, I hope you, Ash, Miss Freya and the elusive Tyr have a really lovely Christmas and sincerely hope that you are feeling somewhat better now. I send best wishes to all of you. ♥♥♥


Wow Ash...watching your own special program in your bed....lucky boy.☺♥☺

It's so good to see you again♥


What I want to know is when Ash decides to catch the fish? lol


Life couldn't get any better could it Ash? Does your waitress come round at half time with snacks? ♥

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