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The way she sits looks like she has sunk into the ground.
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  1. Magaella0:47
  2. hadzi0:50
  3. dianajnelson0:51
  4. Ianto0:51
  5. petslave1:00
  6. anniebellum1:02
  7. SandiT1:02
  8. Hornxy1:03
  9. meeche131:06
  10. Libi1:07


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Thank you for the reply, Barbara. Sorry about the one that died. Alpacas are herd animals so they are not happy alone but sheep are good companions too 🙂


One alpaca died Barb, I don't know about the other one, this one gets on well with the sheep.


Clever description she does look legless but graceful sitting there thank you Barbara ☺♥


Do you know what happened to the other two, Barbara?


It's a shame she is the only one, there were three.


Beautiful, Barbara. They are such graceful animals and they have their own special way of lying down. This one looks like an alabaster statue. Thanks for this photo 🦙


Good description, Barbara. Their fleece is so soft. Had a chance to feel it one time at the friend's place who had two alpacas and several llamas. The alpaca fleece had been cleaned and washed. It was so soft. Thanks for a lovely photo.


Tall grass or this animal has no legs. Just kidding. It's a beauty, and I love their faces.



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