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July Virtual Party (Jul21P02) - All Are Welcome

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"No bought potpourri is so pleasant as that made from ones own garden, for the petals of the flowers one has gathered at home hold the sunshine and memories of summer, and of past summers only the sunny days should be remembered."

- Eleanor Sinclair-Rhode

Dear Friends, Jigidiers and Guests,

I am hosting a virtual party for the celebration of all July babies and wedding anniversary couples. Joyfulli will be celebrating her birthday and Webpeggy's furry boys (Petey and Pal) and her mother's cat, Kit Cat will all be with us as these 3 boys will be celebrating their adoptiversary in July. For our furry friends, I have arranged for some tasty fish dishes for them, and of course, gifts of catnip toys. These 3 boys and Webpeggy have been following and attending my virtual parties since the day they first found out that I host monthly virtual parties. Thank you, my dear and faithful friends.

Happy Birthday and Happy Wedding Annivesary to all who celebrate these happy occasions in July. May all who were born in July or are married or will be marrying in July have a wonderful, healthy and happy life. Let us raise our glass of champagne and toast to their Happiness and Good Health.

The Magic Carpet has flown all of you to Newport, Rhode Island where we will start the day with a great breakfast - Specialty Coffees, Sandwiches, Johnnycakes, etc.

Then, we will enjoy ourselves on the beautiful, scenic, winding Ocean Road Drive with stunning views - the most beautiful stretch of road in Newport. Along this drive, we can see the dramatic Atlantic shoreline with beautiful rocky coast and waves crashing in, beaches, vast expanse of the ocean and the many large elegant mansions with vast grounds and ocean views, and gorgeous yachts and sailboats gliding on the sea. There are lots of places where we can stop and take in the lovely scenery - lots of photo opportunities. We can enjoy some kite flying in the public park, enjoy the magnificient ocean views and fresh air.

Lunch will be freshly caught seafood cooked according to Newport style. Lunch items include Clam Cakes, Calamari, Lobster Rolls, Fresh Oysters, Pizza Strips, Clear Clam Chowder, Salads, and Apple Cider Donuts, and Ice Cream, etc. Refreshments will be ice-cold Del's Soft Frozen Lemonade. There will be Vegan and Vegetarian Set Lunch for all friends who prefer these dishes. Of course, there will be Birthday and Wedding Anniversary Cakes along with Champagne and Fine Wine.

Suggested activities for the afternoon would be enjoying the Cliff Walk or a going for a Tour of Newport.

At sunset, we will set sail on a private yacht where we will enjoy the scenery of the coastline, the sunset and the ocean, Dinner and fine Champagne will be served on board.

Dear friends, I hope that you have enjoyed this virtual party in Newport, Rhode Island.

I look forward to seeing you at my next Virtual Party which I will host on 1 August 2021.
I hope to meet up with all of you in next month, especially if you have an occasion that you would like to celebrate with us :-)

Jason :-)

This puzzle is posted in 4 sizes - 12, 96, 260 and 600 pieces.
Please enjoy and have fun solving this puzzle.

Puzzle 822

jasonchung2 is my main account.
I also post puzzles at jasonchung (my second account).
jasonchung1 (my third account) is now a sealed account, however, you can still solve puzzles there.
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Thank you, Dotty for solving this puzzle :-)

Haha, sometimes, I do like to create challenging puzzles.

Smiles for a Friend who Solves Challenging Puzzles,


Tricky colors but a good challenge. Thanks, jason


Thank you, Gjrockhound for attending this July virtual party and for solving this puzzle :-)

It is great to hear that you find this puzzle and the party to be wonderful.

Solving puzzles while listening to music is relaxing and a good way to pass the time.

Kit Cat is a lovely name. I am sure that she was a lovely cat, too.

I love animals, too.

Smiles of Meeting Up with A Friend with Similar Interests,
Jason :-)

Wonderful July puzzle Jason. I assembled it while listening to my favorite Bob James music. Good times. Thank-you for the wonderful party. We use to have a beautiful kitty called Kit Cat. We adopted her from Animal Control as a kitten and had her till she passed from old age. We have 3 spayed queens and a dog.


My pleasure, my dear friend, Luly :-)


Oh! that is wonderful...thank you, Jason, I really needed that smile! :)))


Thank you, Luly for your lovely note :-)

I will continue to take good care of myself.
Please take good care of yourself and always stay safe and well, Luly.

Smiles for Relaxing Time,
Jason :-)


Just have to give you a smile, Luly :-)


Dear Jason, you are unbelievable, you do so much for us! But I have to admit that you really made me laugh when I read: "I am not complaining - in fact, I have to thank these folks as it means that now I have less work to do :-0". I am so glad for you, you deserve a break. Wishing you always only the best, take care and be well, OK? Many smiles to you too...


Hello Qtpie831,

Thank you for your Thank Note :-)

I am delighted that you have enjoyed this puzzle and have found it to be a fun solve.

Hope to see you again.

Smiles for a New Friend,
Jason :-)


Hello Desilva,

You are most welcome :-)

I am pleased to meet you. Welcome to my puzzle page.

Thank you for joining us at this July virtual party and for solving my puzzle.

Hope to see you again.

Smiles for a New Friend from Brazil,
Jason :-)


Dear Luly,

You are most welcome :-)
And, of course, a warm welcome to this July virtual party.

Thank you for the compliment on the work that I do for virtual parties.
You have made me very happy.

Yes, Rhode Island is a beautiful placce.
Lots of things to see and to do - I selected a few activities only.

Some folks have found the write-ups on my previous virtual parties to be too long and the activites to be too many and the food to be too much to eat. I do agree with them :-0
So, starting with this July virtual party, I decided to cut down on everything and just let folks discover for themselves on how to spend their time at the new virtual parties. I will just give a few suggestions. I am not complaining - in fact, I have to thank these folks as it means that now I have less work to do :-0

You will enjoy Newport, Luly. It is a wonderful place for a vacation.

Once again, thank you, Luly for appreciating my efforts at creating virtual party puzzles.

Smiles for an Ever Appreciative Friend,
Jason :-)


Advia, I am happy to share virtual party places with you :-)
Most of the places, I have visited with John, some other places with other friends - quite a few of these travels were done long ago ;-)

Hope you and your boyfriend will be able to travel soon, and safely too,

Smiles for Future Travelling,
Jason :-)


Thanks Jason, it was a very fun puzzle to work


Thanks from Brazil !


I'm looking forward to all the celebrations, Newport, Rhode Island, I've heard is a very beautiful place, I thank you for inviting us and celebrating in such a magnificent way!
Thank you, Jason, you always find the best places and provide the greatest entertainment, thank you for that and for the lovely puzzle you created for us to enjoy. Take care, my dear friend.


How nice to read you have been there several times. I talk to my boyfriend now and then about travelling, in the meantime I enjoy your jigidi posts and others about travels. :-)


Hello Teaqueen,

I am pleased to meet you. Welcome to my puzzle page.

Welcome to the July virtual party that I am hosting in Newport, Rhode Island.

I am happy that you have found my puzzles and that you like this one and the party that goes with it :-)

Thank you for taking the time to write a Thank You Note and to let me know that you have enjoyed yourself.

I hope to see you again at the next virtual party which I will be hosting on 1 August.

Till we meet again ...

Smiles for a New Friend,
Jason :-)


You are most welcome, Advia :-)

I am happy to see you at this party and especially happy to know that you can be in Rhode Island virtually and, who knows, perhaps one day you will be able to visit this lovely place in person.

John and I have visited Rhode Island a few times. We love our vacation there and so, this July, I decided to host the virtual party at Newport, Rhode Island.

Always happy and appreciative to know that you are enjoying yourself at my virtual parties, Advia and always thankful that you write lovely notes on my parties.

Oh, yes, the Cliff Walk is a wonderful one - the ocean view is magnificent.

Smiles for an Appreciation Friend,
Jason :-)


Thank you Jason for planning and hosting the party. I have never been to Rhode Island before and enjoyed it a lot, especially the ocean view during the walk.

I'm so glad I found your puzzles! The puzzle's fun & I love the mini vacation - thanks for sharing!


Hello Dustin,

A warm welcome to you and thank you for accepting the invitation to this party :-)

Thank you for the compliment.

I am so happy to hear that you like the party and find the food to be delicious.

Keep safe and well, my friend.

Till we meet again, next month ...

Smiles for A Virtual Party Friend,
Jason :-)

hallo Jason and John. Thank you again for this wonderful puzzle and invitation, I love comming. all your party's are great! and with delicious food.
all the best for you 2. keep safe and till the nex month!


You are most welcome, MsEngineer :-)

Thank you for your appreciation of my selection of colours.

Smiles for an Appreciative Friend,
Jason :-)

Thank you Jason. Love the colors.

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