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Pumpkinhead at a family reunion.

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Sally I was trying to get a complete family reunion picture of the might Pumpkin and her next of kin. The rest hid their faces and only the queen pumpkin cared to show her well sculpted features. The remainder of the reunion chose to use the mime look.


PG and that rhymes with 'T' and that stands for TROUBLE.... Beware of the United Pumpkins For a Free Halloween... you've stirred them up now.... :) :)


Now Ms pumpkin how can you even think I am looking for any kind of trouble? Me the sweet one from the south.


Thank you, Mimi!
You are soooo looking for trouble, PG. So looking for trouble!!! Just beware. That is your one and only warning.


Mimi was she sober at the time or was it after one of her all night parties? She lets her seeds down when it comes to family reunions. We call it the multi faces of the pumpkin.


This is a great puzzle but I don't think it's a very accurate picture of Punkin. Last time I saw her she was lovely!


Hope your friends stay safe, PG. PA just seems to continue to get hammered by every one of these storms. Hopefully, they will get the lower amount of rain.


me too Robbos


No Ank I am not in the path of this one. I am too busy hoping all my friends are safe and warm. I talked to PA this evening and they expect to get 70-80 MPH winds later this evening and from 4 to 10 inches of rain. If they get the upper end it will be very bad for that area. Let's all hope the worst part stays out to sea and causes little damage to everyone.


You made an other beauty PG. Thanks
Do you live in the storm field?


I was called out to drive Sprinfgield, IL's American Red Cross emergency response vehicle to Baltimore, but could not go because I am leaving on vacation soon. I hate to miss the excitement on the east coast! You guys will have to post some storm photos for me to see!

What a hoot, I'd have enjoyed see you propped up by a tripod. . . must have been some party! Nice pumpkin photo. We're soon off to a family birthday party, one of my sons-in-law turns the big 50 today. Then upon return we can await Hurricane Sandy; I think you all in SC are safe from this one?


As you can tell, our family reunions are quite a blast. The fun some in the family have, pales in comparison to the fun I obviously have! Thanks for showing up at the reunion to take the photo, PG. So sad you had to use your tripod to help yourself stand up straight after all the celebrating YOU did!


Good one, pg!


LJ never let them tell you that. Look at mickey and mini are they called rodents? NO!


No shirley68, PG didn't tell me that I looked like a rodent, in case that's what you were thinking! He went back to his original avatar, so I went back to mine...just for fun.


Creepy and Cool.. and funny.. giggles..

LJ I love it!! :)


I'm staying out of this one with a comment.


I think your in trouble PG.


I switched back to my very first avatar in honor of you, PG. I didn't have it long because someone told me that they didn't care for me as a rodent.


Looks like this punkin is by the same artist that created the pumpkin carvings I've been posting...Ray Villafane. Check him out on Google Images. Carole


She always was a family person. LJ that is what life is all about.


Aw, bless her heart.


What a hoot, PG! You never cease to make me chuckle.


Patti she may require a little extra adjustments if they have time.


I'm gonna get Pumpkinhead a dental appointment for Christmas.
(Funny, PG! Thanks!)

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