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Summer Colors

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@chriswestberry, I am so sorry that it would have been your 50 anniversary, plus the anniversary of your daughter's death. These are some truly hurtful things, that words don't quite get it.

I'm very happy your family made it through the storm.

Yes I still have Munchie, she's now 11 plus the other cat I took in during the pandemic. They are still not really getting along. I don't blame Munchie I bought another cat into her home. But Heygirl is just so sweet and I couldn't watch her die out in the streets. So here we are.

My personal life is in a shambles. The person I was with lied to and betrayed me in a particular gross way. So I have to deal with my feelings of rage, hatred, sadness being lonely.

Yes I am still in the mean place called Chattanooga. I hate it here and I must leave here , or at the very least move to another neighborhood. That might happen for me in as little as a couple weeks to a month. As old as I am I struggle making the right decisions, and I have no idea if other people are the same way.

So there you have it. I miss you and I'm always so happy when you talk to me. Hug Yoshi and do whatever it is that makes you happy. You deserve all the happiness❤❤


@TTwistedRosee you second guess yourself too much. If you felt led to put the cat down then it was the right decision. you would never knowingly hurt an animal.
I'm sorry your personal life isn't where or what you want right now. Hang in there and don't give up. (how'd you make those little red hearts)
Are you still in Tennessee? Do you still have you sweet kitty?
This past week was hard because it would have been our 50th Anniversary on Monday and Tuesday would have been my daughter's 48th Birthday. Then Wednesday, Hurricane Ian hit Ft. Myers and the part of Florida where most of my family lives. I spent the rest of the week glued to the television waiting to hear from them. (All safe) waiting for flood waters to recede.
BUT, after the storm.... the SUN seems so much brighter!
I love you Girl and miss our chats! :) chris


@chriswestberry 2022 has been a hard year for me. Not the worst but not good either. I had to put down an outdoor cat that I had been feeding. Other people were feeding the cat as well, but I had to muster the courage to do the right thing. I hope it was the right thing. I feel like a killer, and it's bothering me.

My personal life is really really strange. It might be better for me to just be alone.

I do miss you on here! I'm happy that Yoshi is being there for you. Animals are a gift that saves the lives of us humans many many times. After everything that has happened to you in the past few years, you make sure you do whatever you need to bring you some happiness and peace. Love you lady💗💗


Hello my sweet friend! Hope you are well... Its been a stressful few days for me, but I am well. Yoshi is taking good care of me! I miss hearing from you! TTFN


Yes thank you so far so good x


You are very welcome anny65. I hope your year has gotten off to a good start.


Beautiful summer colours, thank you TTwistedRosee.

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