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Potpourri354 - The Megaphones - Medium - rj

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For smaller puzzle sizes 0 to 150 pieces please see "InConcert35_Small". For all small puzzles pre June 2016 please check all old puzzles in the archives of InConcert35.

"InConcert35" is used for all large puzzles sized 150 to 400. Enjoy! :D

~ Robyn ~
Please feel free to call me Robyn in lieu of InConcert35. :D
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  1. amanaplan8:54
  2. BubbaLoo6010:03
  3. Pooka10:35
  4. offpainting10:42
  5. Arria10:57
  6. pianocatsandtea11:39
  7. aahmn11:54
  8. venus8913:17
  9. tricia7513:26
  10. Tyco14:19


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You're so very welcome, aivlys. It makes me very happy to know you are enjoying my puzzles and many little designs. It's part of what makes them all worth making! :D

I am so happy when I spot one of your puzzles. Tat is not because I a good at solving them, as I am not. Instead it is because I love to discovers he wonderful designs of your individual pieces and experience the hoy of working with them. Thank you for a lovely puzzle and a great challenge.


Thanks, Jude for your lovely message. It brightened my tonight and tomorrow, too. :D If I can make you smile and entertain you with a puzzle for a while, then I'm a very happy camper. :-)


Robyn, your puzzles often offer just the right amount of challenge with a mix of patterns, kaleidos, geometric shapes, and in this case megaphones calling for me to get on board to solve this original by you. Well, I needed no convincing and it was great. Thanks for all your hard work, because it made me smile.


You're very welcome, greatgranny! My pleasure. :D

Thank you

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