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My Birthday Antlers (Ex. Large)

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A bit of birthday fun I made today... (August 2019)
This was a hand-made gift from my sister, who made a cushion over the skull and hand-crocheted it too! People who know me well enough know I absolutely love this animal, so the antlers were a perfect gift, only my Dad couldn't resist the humour...
Available sizes: 12, 80, 130, 266, 391 & 540
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I'm thinking of the puzzles I've already posted.
Thank you for following me, too XOXO

I have you 'followed' on Jigidi, so whatever you post- I see. That way I see all of them, big and small. :)


Oh my! How wonderful to have you back! I knew as soon as I saw your name it was you!!!
Welcome home :-D
So have you been looking through my own-made pictures? I can tag you in the small ones if you wish? What size do you prefer? Less than 100pcs? Or perhaps less than 50pcs, or maybe less than 20pcs?
Just say which and I'll take you to them XOXO
So, so very happy to have you back here beautiful lady!

Happy Birthday, Christine!! That is a wonderful gift, how sweet of your sister to make it for you! (I can't imagine how she is going to top it this year!...Maybe a live deer??)
Yes, I finally am online and on Jigidi again! I'm not making the big ones anymore, too much time needed and not enough hours in the day. But these are all great postings!
I hope you have a great day!


Oh you're welcome my friend. I'll tag you in the small one :)


Thanks for posting this Christine, even if it is on another year's birthday. 'Cause I missed the extra small one!

This is (strangely) priceless. :-D


A year ago today I posted the extra small version of this picture, and here I am at last publishing this last size! Not that I had planned it this way :)
Well, I hope you enjoy my Birthday 'special' XO
@Fruttel1 @janclaire57 @LaurelRJones @Lipizzan @sbwilner @SCazee @TIME4ME @Toku_Floyd

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