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Lots of snow at 17.1.2016

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View from my balcony
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  1. Ianto2:13
  2. Pekaji3:15
  3. pukas473:57
  4. olivia24:02
  5. Donnajennifer4:12
  6. alias2v4:27
  7. Elston4:28
  8. coverlet654:34
  9. djbart564:58
  10. rebelone5:03


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eagleboi: And your Danish is excellent too ! Thanks


Thank you Pukas47, I'm pleased you enjoyed my puzzle creations. I'm happy to hear you were able to commute safely to your appointment at the garage. Sounds as though you are no stranger to difficult snow days. ;-) Thanks for your msgs, be safe and peace be with you my friend. I just looked at your catalog of puzzles, very nice I'll be solving some, thank you. I can see you are a skier, I've tried it a few times, less than 10 I'm sure lol. Your English is more proper than most Americans ;-) Hav en smuk dag, min ven.


Eagleboi: I noticed your puzzle-creations - what marvelous personalities. Great, that so many photos exists.


Eagleboi: This is an old photo from Austria.
Yesterday and the day before here in Denmark, we have had a lot of snow - some places a violent blizzard. Though it's a small country, there were big differences from location to location. Where I live, the police had forbidden all unnecessary driving for the evening and night. Busses, lorries and private cars ended in the ditches everywhere. But it was not very cold - only minus 2-5 degree Celsius.
Unfortunately, I had an appointment at my garage at 8 o'clock in the morning, so I was a bit nervous. But everyone had lowered their speed to 20-40 km/hour - so nothing bad happened, and I returned home safely without a scratch, stayed inside drinking hot chocolate and eating buns for the rest of the day.


Brrrrr keep the snow there where you are, don't want any here. Thanks for sharing your nice photo of your snow, it is beautiful. Have a great day.

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