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Soggy Galahs...

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....sitting with their eyes closed in the heavy rain! We've had over 100mm (4") in tha last 24 hours.
Taken this morning on the wires out front - in Brisbane, Australia.
I fed the birds yesterday during a lull in the showers and will try again today IF the rain lets up!!
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Thanks Patti:))


So glad to hear that all is well!


It sure was IF - we ended up receiving 10" in 48 hours - but the sun's shining and the birds are singing today:))) Thanks :))

Thanks Dave - much appreciated:)))


Glad you came through it ok Robyn!


That is a lot of rain! Poor soggy birds. Nice catch robryan.


Thanks Cathy - I was really worried that it would be windy - but it petered out to a rain depression:))) The garden was surprisingly OK - though VERY well-watered:))) As for the birds - they were back to their usual immaculate selves this morning:)))


Rob, I'm very glad no one was killed and you didn't have any damage.
Now, the drying out and cleaning up.
And the galahs can cheer up a bit. : ))))


:)))) Thanks Ank!


Wow 82 mm is really a lot, we had about 8 mm in the last 24 hours. I think I like that better. ☺♥☺ I saw Janet is safe too without damage. ☺


Thanks Ank:))) Yes - Janet had all the rain last night - but we've had 82mm - 3 1/4" - in the last 8 hours and the back garden is awash!!


I'm glad to read, I hope with Janet is the same. ☺♥☺


LOL!! I'm looking forward to some sunny days Kirsten:)))) There's a lot of localised flooding around the south-east, and Rocky and Yeppoon sure copped it - but thankfully no lives lost!!! Thanks Kirsten:)))


That's great to hear, Rob! And now for the big drying out.................. (•‿•)


Thanks for all your kind comments:)))
We've survived with just a LOT of rain - and the cyclone has been down-graded into a rain depression!! Phew!! It's now about 30kms to the north of us and expected to head out to sea in the next few hours! The wind is not a problem - just gusty at times!
All-up we've had 217mm (8 1/2") of rain in the last 3 days - and it's still falling!!


It WAS 10 stars. Oh well.


Aw.w.w.w.w! Poor thing! Hope you're surviving the cyclone okay.


10 stars, Robryan!

Remember, these birds know nothing different. They just hunker down and ride it out.


Rob I just drop in to wish you the best, take care, stay safe. Hugs. ♥♥♥


They do look sad - guess the weather was a bit of a shock to them! You seem to prove the theory that it never rains but pours. Hope the atrocious weather lets up soon with minimal damage.


They do look drenched, poor things, it is strange that you never see where all the birds go when we have this kind of weather, we have had 17mm in short showers over the late 24 hours, not sure if we will get any of the big falls, will have to wait and see, although it has been down graded it still has strong damaging winds, stay safe Rob.


How was the cyclone Rob, hope it did not hit your place...


Rob, say a little prayer for us we are getting the wild winds already now. Biloela has had warnings for "destructive winds" and we just received a phone message with that dreadful cyclone siren warning us to stay inside! I don't think I'll get much sleep tonight. hugs.


They are wonderful, even if they are soggy, thanks Robyn.


Poor things Rob, I am wondering why they dont seek shelter in the trees.
Keep safe.
HUgs ♥


Thanks Floyd - we're hoping so too - tomorrow will tell!!


They do look soaked. I feel sorry for them.
Hope you don't get any WILD weather.
Thanks Rob.


Hi Janet - we just had a short lull in the deluge and I put out some bird feed. Now it's bucketing down!! We've had 67mm (over 2 1/2") in the last 6 1/2 hours!!! This rain depression is just lingering - probably waiting for the cyclonic rain to arrive! Oh Joy!!!! A double dose!!! I hope you fare OK when it arrives! Thanks :))

He sure is Beekay - I took about 6 shots - and his eyes were closed each time - poor thing!! Thanks :))

HAH!! I don't think so Laura - when they enjoy it they do loop-the-loops and screech!! I think he'd have the bird equivalent of wrinkly fingers by now!!!


Poor fellow...but wait...could he be enjoying the bath?


That is one sad looking bird Robyn!!


Rob they look so sad. We've had no rain yet but the winds are picking up now, and it's supposed to reach us early tomorrow morning. So every time they downgrade it, I'm happy! Julian's brother phoned us from Brisbane and said they had a LOT of rain. I've been watching the TV all day, which I normally never do. Poor Yeppoon! Thanks and hugs.


LOL!!!! That's definitely a winner Dave:))))) LOL!! And with that - I'm going to see to my own gastrointestinal grumblings:)))) It's lunch time here:)))) Thanks so much for the laugh Dave:))))


Good grief, gorgeous gaunt groaning Galahs grudgingly growling gloomy gastrointestinal grumblings...


I sure do feel for them snooker - and we have a few more days of rain to come!! Thanks :)))


Oh boy....poor Galahs, well at least it is not wet AND cold. Thank you for the photo Rob....and stay safe from that cyclone!

Have to feel sorry for them. This is a lot more than a short mid day shower.


I do too Kirsten! They've been pecking at some soggy seed next door this morning - so I'm hoping they'll be OK! Thanks :)))

The rain is really heavy Lyndee - and everything outside is wet, wet, wet!! I'd love to know where they go to roost at night - and the Lorikeets! Thanks :)))


Ahhh....why don't they find shelter? I see some trees in the background.


Poor babies! I always feel sorry for the birds in wet and windy weather. Stay safe, Rob! (•‿•)

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