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Some evidence suggests dogs can sense lightning storms even before you know they are coming.

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Smart, Duine. If you want to see professional grade fireworks, just come sit in my back yard. :o(


We just came back from our nightly walk. Lulu seemed to enjoy the fireworks, she would stand looking up at them until they stopped, then continued on til the next barrage went off. First ones I've seen in 15 years and didn't have to go where there was a crowd. (:

Do they sell fireworks legally there? Even the grocery stores carry them here.


My dogs have allllmost never been spooky about thunder or fireworks, until this year. Maybe it's because the neighborhood has gone out of its teeny tiny mind, shooting off cherry bombs and M80s. Now none of them are at all keen on being outdoors after dark, but not so bad in daylight.


I hadn't realized there were no bird or bugs making a sound either, but it was neat to see her reaction ahead of the thunder to realize what she was doing. There were a lot of fireworks last night when we took our walk, the noise didn't bother her at all.


I totally believe this, Duine. Many animals sense earthquakes long before humans do.


Earlier in the week I took Lulu outside for a potty run. Suddenly she froze with one foot up and staring straight ahead, i couldn't get her to budge an inch, her eyes didn't even move. Then, without moving from her spot, she slowly turned her head looking behind her. Suddenly there was an explosion of noise and she leaped in the air staring in that direction. I never knew they could feel the effects in the air before it even happened. The rain started about 2 minutes later.

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