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Recently found a tiny local Italian deli with amazing sandwiches

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Posted by DoctorProfessorTaco.

In the Comments, there was a clamor of questions for the Doctor about the name and address of this deli.

Someone remarks, "that much mutz [i.e. mozzarella], my bet is Hoboken."

OP replies, "You're close. AnnaMaria's Deli in East Rutherford (coincidentally on Hoboken rd)." He adds, "Great portions, not very pricey (sandwiches are $7-10 and what's in my pic is only half of what you get), fresh mozzarella and lots of it, lots of tasty breads to choose from.

They're a 4.9/5 on Google reviews for a reason."

Someone else: "Omg what is that thick white part?"

The Doctor: "All mozz! A huge chunk like that comes on every sandwich they serve. Fresh and delicious."

[Mischka here: So I searched for their online menu for the "AnnaMaria Sandwich," which is what the Doctor says he thinks he ordered.

Ingredients for that are: Capicola, Sopressata, Salami, Provolone, Mozzarella, arugula and hot peppers.)

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Donna, you and I have good taste!


OMG that looks goooood!!!! Leave off the hot peppers and you have a A-#1 winner for sure!!! :-)) dj


where, where, oh Mischka, please tell me where i can get that sandwich. pretty please


Oh, I'm glad you nabbed me on that! I think I can make some bigger sizes!


Hello Mischka, I hope you are well. You know you have spoiled me by posting awesome large food puzzles, lol. Is this the largest size available? Take care and stay safe.

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