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  1. Dilubreuer0:48
  2. MadAndy0:54
  3. evielou1:00
  4. RRC651:06
  5. jiri461:10
  6. Ianto1:11
  7. Ribs1:12
  8. Gramz1:13
  9. montebob1:14
  10. rfscudder1:15


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I love all boats
never been the ocean and I never will


Sorry K. my mistake.. (I'm on too many med.s) was Gordon Lightfoot ~ "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitz"....not sure if Joe posted in June/July... (sorry about the coughing thing too...feel better my friend!) ~ Lori


Another favorite of mine!


Lori I'm sorry but it's coughing thing and ask that you would refresh my memory. Or better yet send me to the post.


I am terrible ON the honeymoon from Boston to the tiny bathroom vomiting the entire time!...Then, in PEI, a beautiful day-sail on a vintage hand-hewn sailboat...(same thing) ruined the trip for everyone! I wish I could enjoy it. I remember you said you & your wife visited the place of that Harry Carpenter song tragedy...then told of some of your own 'near-misses'....terrifying...but must have been exciting.


When I was a teenager I would crew for racing boats. I still love sailing but I found out the hard way if you don't keep up with it you loose a lot of knowledge. Tail between my legs, I now am a better passenger.


I love that song too! Great harmonies. ♫ Thanks K. ♫ ~ Lori


amazing puzzle!!! superboat!


Your welcome. Like your moniker self named or named?

I LOVE THAT SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's been a long time since i listened to it. i never got to go sailing but always wanted to. due to my bad health, it won't happen now. oh well. thanks for the memories.

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