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Imzadi stakes her claim on the boxes

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Imzadi is in cat heaven. There are more boxes around the house then she knows what to do with. This one has been her favorite the last two days. It's like she is saying, you can't have this one yet, I'm not done with it, go pack another one!
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as long as she has you, she’ll adjust. I had a wonder cat that I took for a month long stay at the coast. The first time she spent two days under the sofa and then finally came out and staked her claim. After that, she was always happy to be there, even when we stayed in different rooms.....she knew where she was and knew she was with us and safe. A joy to travel with after that first time!!

Happy I could help. I'm glad you keep Imzadi indoors so she keeps out of trouble and is safe. She's a beauty.

thanks akema for the good suggestions. I hadn't thought of keeping a couple boxes for her, she would definitely like that. and the toys. She is indoor only, but very good suggestions if she wasn't :)

I adopted 2 cats aged 10 from different home. This was their second move in a short time. The best way to move a cat is in a secure carrier with a favorite toy in it. When you are in the new place open the door and let her explore the home on her own and give her lots of love and patience. If she's an outdoor cat, keep her in for a few days and then go outside with her so she connects you with the yard and being outside. She'll probably do well. She looks pretty laid back. Good luck with your move. Oh, keep a few empty boxes for her, especially her fave. Thanks for posting, she;s beautiful.

its sure is megabelle :) I should have added I am open to suggestion on how to help kitty adjust. She is 9 1/2 years and has never moved. I need all the ideas I can get :)


happiness is an open box!!! Meow...

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