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Bee on flower...

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Taken at Tamborine Mountain village, Queensland on Sunday.
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  1. maryoz20140:23
  2. pmccall0:23
  3. snooker0:24
  4. pumpkinhead0:24
  5. loveydear0:25
  6. Jejegasa0:25
  7. Shian20:27
  8. alliebono0:27
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I was really only chasing the bee Ami - the flower was a bonus:))) Thanks!


The flower and the bee are both furry. Very nice photo Robyn!


Thanks Suzy!!

Thanks Shirley - I hadn't seen the flowers before either!!


Can't say I've seen one of these flowers, very pretty whatever it is, good shot of the bee, Rob, Thanks.


SO pretty. Love the fuzz on the petals!


I've got no idea at all what it is Janet - I was just following the bee :)))) Thanks:)))

LOL!!! It gets cold enough up in the mountains for a fur coat snooker, so maybe that's what it was :))))) Thanks!!

Thanks Allie, Dave & Beekay - I like fuzzy socks Beekay :))) ...again, it gets cold enough for them up there :))))


Rabbits foot or fuzzy socks :-)) Thanks for the great photo Robyn!


Nectar Heaven!!!


what a beauty Robyn! gorgeous! thanks

Looks like they have a rabbit fur coat on. Really unique.


Rob, I wonder is it some sort of Penstemon. They are a huge family. Not so sure about the furry part though! Whatever, it's fabulous and the shot with the bee is wonderful. Hugs, janet


I didn't realise how fuzzy the flower was until I put it up on the screen Barb!!! It was a straggly plant about 1 metre high, next to the Golden Penda, so the bees were all around that area! I've got no idea what it is either - sorry:)))) Thanks!!


A fuzzy, furry, funny, fabulous flower....LOL I have never seen a flower like this all guys in Oz are a great source of exotic plants for us in northern hemisphere, Rob :)))) Every time you post something like this one, I marvel over the variety in nature :)

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