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Big snow

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Our street the morning after the big snow, we got 14 inches . They got 16 .8 at Metro airport 8 miles away. This was the third largest snow fall in the Detroit area history.
Glad I have a 4 wheel drive vehicle.
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Goodness! I can see how a four wheel drive vehicle would be safer!


smllpkg, I also though about you too as I watched the storm head east.
I'm proud of you driving that PT cruiser in the snow . Front wheel drive cars are good in the snow , just keep good tires on it.


BK, I've thought about you in New Hampshire getting a lot of snow. Seems like I pay more attention to the weather around the world with jigidi members we communicate with.


Could be my street in Erie as we got the same amount Sunday. Spent Monday rearranging the snow and was out and about yesterday. I've got a PT Cruiser and it gets around just fine in all this.


We have way too much snow too. And very cold temps too.


Neville , I just came in from doing another 3 inches we got last night. At least our street is plowed now. Schools are still closed . I remember when I was young I had to walk 2 miles to go to school in the snow. They close the schools now when they just get a little bit of snow. Were raising a generation of wimps.


Eva, You get lots of snow in the mountains?

Eva , dostanete spoustu sněhu na horách ?

U nás tolik sněhu není snad ani na horách...

For us this much snow is hardly the mountains ...


Janet, that was the first house on this street in the early 1900s. Its a 2 family rental now and well maintained. The owner really screens the leasers. Always been good neighbors there. Hugs back dear friend.


Great photos thanks Jim. Isn't that a huge house across the road! I would not like to be that cold! Hugs dear friend. Janet

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