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Our little premie born July 29th, 2014. He does
have brain damage & will probably have some
form of Cerebral Palsy, but they won't know
until he is about 1 year. He doesn't roll over or
sit up yet. We sure do love & adore him though.
My granddaughter is the best, and takes such
good care of him.


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Thank you for all the nice comments. Cj57 I am so glad you wrote and told me your story,
it gives us great hope to hear good things. He goes to therapy three times a week,
and Jamie (my granddaughter) works with him every single day. He has a lot of support
and so much love. Thanks everyone. God Bless..


Aw what a pity Pat. It's unbelievable if you see these photos. He looks like a very healthy beautiful baby and his eyes are great. I hope all will be well and that he will outgrow his slow start. I'm glad he has great parents. I wish them and Mikey the very best. ♥

Didn't mean to stop the last note, she do not do the things like roll over, walk, crawl, etc. at the same rate other children. Her doctor would not accept the fact that there was something wrong until my daughter and went to a new doctor and found that she had it. I want you to know that she is now 9 years old and beautiful. After therapy when she was young (she should still be taking advantage of) she just walks on her tip toe on her left foot(due to tendon tightness in her leg), is having a little more trouble comprehending things in school, but over all she is doing great! We were so very worried at first, but just be thankful for everything you have and everything he does do. When they told us she had brain damage we thought the worst but has the years have gone by she has learned how to cope with her disadvantages and thrived. I am sure you and your family will find the right things to help him thrive as the years go by. Get him into therapy as soon as possible. We had something called First Steps in Indiana. It helped greatly. Good luck and God bless you! He's very handsome!!!!

I have a granddaughter who was born with cerebal palsy


Thanks Ardy, I get so excited seeing him I forget what I am doing, that's getting old!!!


He looks so happy and so perfect, Pat. I'm sure the family will see that he has a happy life and live up to his potential. Hopefully thee will be no CP. You might want to change the birth year to 2014. All you need to do is go back to "my puzzles" and open your description box, fix the date and "SAVE."