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Firefighters plane

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US trio died when their C-130 Hercules crashed into terrain south of Canberra yesterday afternoon.
The plane crashed just after it had dropped fire retardant along a ridge
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  3. rahas1:57
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  5. markp2:00
  6. tbaustin2:04
  7. cactusjack2:07
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@leecee - I graduated from Covina High School in the mid '70s, so we are of an age. I left California in the late '80s to move to the Indianapolis area, and have also lived in Rochester, New York and south of Nashville, Tennessee. I currently live in Cookeville, Tennessee.

The person I worked for in Indiana actually took me aside at one point and told me to relax. Apparently several of my co-workers had complained that I was a bit too aggressive and in their face about projects we were working on together. I moved to Rochester after changing jobs, and was only there for a couple of years. And the job I had required a lot of travel, so I really didn't get to know it very well...other than the airport, where the people working at the check-in counter for the airline the company preferred started greeting me by name as I approached the counter.

I moved back to the Indianapolis area, to a very small community about 30 minutes from Indy. I was still traveling a lot, and getting back to town one Friday afternoon my neighbor, who I'd not met yet, came running out of her house to talk to me. Turns out when I left on Monday to go to the airport I forgot to close the back door of my house (detached garage in the back). She said she'd noticed it was open, and had seen me leaving, so she closed and locked the door for me.

Here in Cookeville I live in an area north of the city where about 40 new homes are being built. About 1/3 of them are finished and occupied. The road is a loop, and several of my neighbors have dogs, which they walk around the loop. If I'm outside they'll stop and chat, and most wave as they drive by when they see me. And yes, I wave back.

Growing up in California I don't remember ever talking to our neighbors, or waving at them even if we did recognize them. And while we had dogs, we never took them for walks, since most backyards were fenced and the dogs ran around in their own yards.

I live in Minto a suburb in the South West of Sydney. We have been very fortunate with the fires coming more than 20 kilometres from us. The smoke has been the biggest problem here and the dust. Last night it rained mud. Very strange and different, So very sorry to hear about your fires leecee. We have fire fighters from California here helping. The crash of the Water Bomber has been devastating. It doesn't matter where the crew are from, they were here helping us in our time of need. I really feel for the families who have just arrived in Sydney.
Climate change is very real. It seems that money and power matter more to most politicians.
We need to talk about it to everyone we can. Only the people can change Governments and leaders. Now is the time
Nice to talk to you. :)


@racoonstar I went to Jr. high and high school in San Diego (70's). I only remember one big wildfire back then. Moved around a lot since then, and am now way up in Nor-Cal. (Lived in TX & VA for a while and remember the south fondly.) Was evacuated myself in '18 during the Carr fire (230,000 acres, 1600 structures incl. 1, 000+ homes). This was after losing my home to wildfire in '99. Later in '18 was the Camp fire that burned the town of Paradise (less than 2 hrs. from here). Climate change is all too real for us here. Australia is feeling the results of climate change right now. I'm saddened to hear about 1/2 of the koala population being killed because of the fires. They were already on the vulnerable list; I suspect now they will be on the endangered list. I just can't bear the thought of no more koalas. How do you compare life in TN compared to So-Cal?


I grew up in Southern California and lived through many fires in the mountains. When I as in 5th grade we did class projects on the fires.

I currently live in Tennessee.


@owl2 @racoonstar is correct...I am in California in USA (I should not have abbreviated). We have had devastating fires the last few years; destroying MANY homes and a LOT of acres of land. In November of 2018 the entire town of Paradise was wiped out and 85 people died. It feels like our entire state is going up in smoke. Where are you owl2 and racoonstar?


CA is probably the state of California in the USA.

It is wonderful the way our countries swap our firefighters depending on the season and the needs. Australia, New Zealand, Canada and USA and others are all involved in this. Unfortunately the fire seasons are becoming longer and hotter. Australia may have to follow the instructions from our experienced Fire Heads and invest in more planes and equipment. Pray for some common sense in our Government . Where is CA leecee ?


So sad. That's why we call firefighters heroes. They put their lives on the line to help others. I'm compelled to mention (in case anyone does not know) that there were Australians here in CA to help fight our wildfires last year and the year before. I had the pleasure of visiting with some at a Denny's one night. Very friendly gentlemen.

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