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July 24 2021

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225 pieces
230 solves
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Nope, I'm not trying to pull the wool over your eyes, it is in fact another wool puzzle!
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  1. lupe47:24
  2. alib357:24
  3. Meganrene0128:57
  4. katai9:44
  5. kathy5510:25
  6. AngelaB10:33
  7. harryp11:04
  8. Vie11:07
  9. MarshaG6111:19
  10. GeorgiAir11:56


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I appreciate you doing this gaillou, it was really a confidence booster and made me feel good about myself in grade school. even if i got a blue one, which mean i needed to focus a bit more, i still felt good because at least i got a star.


And I loved giving them and other stickers to my students.


thanks so much robin, lorna, gaillou and kathy. gold stars all around. i loved getting stars on my papers when i was in elementary school.

Good joke. Fabulous puzzle. Thank you for both.


More yummy yarn! Thank you, Ruth.


Great puzzle, thank you!


lol ruth.......I think I should live near must keep the people close to you happy.........I love your humor.....thanks for another colourful puzzle......robin

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