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For our Jigidi friend Anne (Atsutsa)

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You loved some of my carnations I posted two days ago. For your special birthday I want to share them all!
I wish you a Happy 75th Birthday today and wish you many more to come in good health!
Have a wonderful day!♥♥
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  1. liertje19782:05
  2. babray2:13
  3. Impie2:34
  5. rndixon2:55
  6. EllaMB3:11
  7. nanlein3:20
  8. debdaz3:22
  9. canoekaw3:38
  10. canalview3:59


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Only the pink ones did, Rebecca and they are still here. All the others are gone after 3+ weeks!!!☺


I bet they smelled wonderful! Love the mixed colors, too.


Thanks for your good wishes, GG. I'm sure Anne will appreciate them. Good wishes are never (too) late! :)


I missed this somehow, but I do wish Atsutsa a happy belated birthday!


Aw, Impie, I'm feeling so embarrassed at being too dense to find my own birthday puzzle gifts. If this virus and it's enablers (current federal government) go away I think we'll all be much more alert and happy. Thank you all for all the well wishes.


You're welcome, Anne. I'm glad you found your birthday wishes in the end. Like Patsy said, this bouquet is for you and you can enjoy them as long as you like!;-))♡

Thanks, Faye, for tagging Anne successfully ;)))


Thank you Patsy. And Impie, thank you a hundred times.

Happy belated birthday, Anne! You can enjoy Impie's gorgeous bouquet as long as you like, and your special year for about another 360 days. -Patsy


Oh, thank you Impie. I'm so sorry I missed this beautiful arrangement. Blessings! Thank you gemstone, Olya, Pammi, tisketsmum, canoekaw, nanlein, parkerc36, nillie, EllaMB, and babray.


Thanks for tagging Anne, Faye. I have sent her 2 notifications already, also one at Ank's card but she couldn't see it, she said. After Ank copied her card puzzle and pasted it in one of Anne's own puzzle comments, she could!
I don't know what happened. I'm sure she's not ignoring us!


Perhaps the notification didn't show up...



Thanks for leaving your wish too, Olya....I hope Anne will find all the good wishes some day!:)


Awwww! Happy belated birthday, Anne! Hope you had a wonderful day!




Thanks for visiting, Pammi....I hope the birthday girl will find your good wishes too! ☺


Anne, I hope your birthday was all you hoped it would be. I apologise for coming late to the party but lately I have difficulty finding the time to devote to my favourite pastime of Jigidi. Impie has excelled herself choosing these lovely Carnations for your special day. I wish you a very Happy 75th Birthday. Pam x x x


Thank you all for your nice comments to my carnations and for leaving a good wish for Anne, here. I'm sure when she finds it she'll be pleased to see that you all wished her a Happy Birthday for this special day.
Thanks,Betty, Faye, Ella, nillie, parkerc36. Nan, Marilyn and tisketsmum.♥♥♥


I hope you've had a wonderful birthday Anne, and many more to come. ♥♥♥


Beautiful carnations, I hope they perfumed the air.


Happy 75th birthday Anne! So sweet of you, Impie, to send this lovely card via Jigidi.


How thoughtful, Mrs. Impie, that you honored Anne on this special day. Happy 75th Birthday to a Jigidi friend.


it's a lovely colorful birthday card! Thanks Impie and good night♥♥


Happy Birthday Anne, enjoy this special day, and many more to come♥


Wishing you a fabulous 75th Birthday, Anne! Hope your day is picture perfect, just like Impie's beautiful bouquet!


Happy Birthday, Happy Year, Anne...and many, many more! ❤️❤️❤️

Lovely carnations, Impie. Your other puzzle of them never appeared in my notifications...I do like that close-up...and the price of the flowers, of course!
We bought a dozen fresh picked corn on our way up here, Monday. They were $13.50...and I remember buying them for $7.00 a few years ago. BTW we buy the corn in Chilliwack where a lot of Dutch farmer's settled...large dairy herds, bulb farms, nurseries, etc.

Love the carnations, Impie!

Happy Birthday, Anne!!! AND Many more!


@Atsutsa Have a wonderful 75th Birthday, Anne. ♥

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