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The Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré is a basilica set along the Saint Lawrence River in Quebec, Canada, 30 kilometres (19 mi) east of Quebec City, and one of the five national shrines of Canada. It has been credited by the Catholic Church with many miracles of curing the sick and disabled. It is an important Catholic sanctuary, which receives about a half-million pilgrims each year. The peak period of pilgrimage is around July 26, the feast of Saint Anne, the patron saint of Quebec.

The basilica in Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré was initially a shrine to honour Saint Anne. On March 8, 1658, settler Etienne de Lessard donated two frontal acres from the west end of his property to the Catholic Church, so that a chapel could be built. This chapel eventually became the site of the modern-day basilica. The chapel was built to provide a place of worship for the new settlers in the area.The first reported miracle at the site happened during the shrine's construction. A man named Louis Guimond was hired to help build the shrine even though he suffered from rheumatism. After placing three stones upon the shrine's foundation, Guimond was cured of all his ailments. This was followed by other testimonies of healed people, and the shrine soon grew in popularity. Many pilgrims came to the shrine hoping to receive a miracle while others, like Anne of Austria, wife of Louis XIII and Queen of France, supported the shrine from a distance.

Because of the popularity of the shrine, the building was enlarged several times to accommodate all the pilgrims. In the late nineteenth century, a basilica was constructed around the shrine. In 1876, the first basilica opened for worship. This was destroyed in a fire on March 29, 1922.The present-day basilica was built in 1926 on the site of the prior church.

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Hi Rebekka. Thank you for your nice note! : )


It's a beautiful cathedral! Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures, and the very interesting information. I really enjoyed it.


Hi Willy. We didn't see the panorama. Our bus tour just gave us about 30 minutes here so we were a bit rushed.

Thank you Sandra. Yes, amazing things have happened at this church !

Thank you Ank! ❤

Thank you Lorna. We enjoyed our time here very much!


Amazing architecture and interesting history too. Thanks Cathy ☺


Very nice and I love the series. ♥♥♥

I was amazed by all the crutches and ambulatory aids that hung from the walls and pillars of the church. They are quite a testament to the miracles that have happened here. ……… Sandra


We went there years ago. Was a nice church. I remember we also saw the panorama. That was beautiful. I always thought it was part of the church, but now I read it was a separate building.


Thank you Dave! I'm always happy to find a note from you on one of my puzzles.
: )


Cathy, I seem to always learn new things from your posts; thank you!

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