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Sculptures in an abandoned Abbey in England

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From Facebook page - Creepy World
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  1. Robbos1:57
  2. libiohac2:01
  3. mapletree2:10
  4. Sissel2:14
  5. mariolyn2:27
  6. kwikwi2:35
  7. PMLT2:47
  8. sauvegirl2:49
  9. fragment712:51
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Bello, misterioso e inquietante !!! Grazie Sharon :-)


Same here, oldsoul I felt the same way! Eerie! Sharon ;-D ❤️


This puzzle kept calling to me to do has such an eerie quality and the figures seem to be moving! The one in the rear has its head looking at us, almost pleading, "Help, get me out of here. I am being held against my will!"


Haaahaaa! Funny, Art. I think they look pretty skinny, too. They are sort of creepy looking. ;-D ❤️

Well I just love the way the statues give one a sense that these monasteries were friendly and welcoming places; sanctuaries of safety and comfort. Sarcasm? Decide for yourself. although, the two in the foreground of the picture seem to be doing a tango. That's cool


You are most welcome, Sissel. I am glad you like it. Sharon ;-D ❤️


Thank you so much for sharing Peachesgirl :-)))


I don't know about the hands. They just look so weird. lol. People shouldn't be touching works of art, but they do, sorry to say.


Hello friends. I am so glad y'all liked this one. I thought it was wonderful, maybe a little creepy, but wonderful. Thanks y'all for your comments. Sharon ;-D


Wow! This is really something for me. Absolutely love them. Thanks my friend


Great, elegant sculptures, Sharon. I wonder it the patina on the hands has been worn off by visitors touching them? This has happened with the snout of the bronze boar in Florence as well as on other public statues.


Beaulieu Abbey, Hampshire, England, UK - Sculpture of hooded monks.


oooo love them


These figures look feminine, but in 1204 King John gifted the land to the Cistercian Monks.

Love the sculpture, but those hands ... those are creepy !



I would love to see them insitu ( can't say 'in the flesh' can I) I really love the ruined Abbeys, thanks to Cromwell, and castles of The British Isles. Thank you for this puzzle, Sharon. Fay.
Do you know where in England it isn't? F.

Woooooooo!!!!! : ((

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