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Vintage Photos

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A picture of me, my siblings, my cousins, and my maternal grandfather.


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Thanks Donna!


I bet that is you on the far left. Great picture


My grandmother had 11 children and 59 grandchildren. We were just some of the youngest.


You two on the left look very much like eachother. So nice to have the whole family there.


The little girl next to me was my favorite cousin growing up. Our mothers were the 2 youngest of the 11 children, Grandma had. We spent a lot of time together when we were young and then people started moving out of the small town where we were born. Couldn't make a living there. We are still pretty good friends to this day.


LOL Pat and Bobbie!
and Bobbie, I think you named it well! lol




I think we all had that haircut. Mom's kitchen special. ;-D


Looks like my haircut as a kid, Judy. Let's take away the Three Stooges and call it a Bob. That way we become quite stylish.


The dog is really funny. I just posted this in a facebook chat room with my siblings. None of us could remember my grandparents having a dog. So, doubt anyone will remember a name. One sister did kind of remember Grandpa bringing home a dog once, and Grandma not being happy about it.

Thanks Bobbie, BB, Pat, Lia, greatoma and theoldgit.

Greatoma, I think many of us had similar families and childhoods.
I'm glad you enjoyed this photo.

BB, I have 2 brothers, and two sisters. There are 2 cousins in this mix, also.
I'm the one on the far left with the Three Stooges haircut.


Great pic., Judy. :)


Nice pic, I didn't know you had so many siblings. Thanks for sharing. : )


Which one are you? And what was the dog's name? (pop quiz) :-)


Nice family picture

I like this picture because it reminds me of a part of my life that was very pleasant---looks just like some pictures of my family. Thanks for posting it.