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Paper Towels?

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More of our 2-year old cats handy work. There are a bunch of shredded towels on the floor.
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  1. cado1:02
  2. racoonstar1:21
  3. Deanna1:22
  4. MaryOz20221:31
  5. JUNKMAN1:32
  6. ljcowles1:34
  7. lacontessita1:34
  8. Ianto1:40
  9. DrMary1:43
  10. jimbos1:49


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LOL Donna, reading about your furbaby, reminds me of a cartoon showing a picture of a cat with that certain "look" on it's face and the caption said "I don't want the toys that came in the box.. I want the BOX... :-) Tee


Donna, thank you for your kind answer, I understand you very much, we have to love our pets with their whims. My cats live outside, have their heated house with everything they need for a happy cat life and have freedom. Sometimes they bring me a fish or a mouse as a gift. Last year my boy Philip brought me a fish that was too big. He caught it in a nearby river, and because it was heavy, he only held it by the fin. I immediately put a fish to a bath with water, the fish came alive and I put it back into the river. We were all happy. Felix was happy to bring me a present, I was happy to save the fish and the fish was happy to be back in the river. These are little joys with our pets ... LOL ♥:))


@Deanna, there are more toys around this house than what's in the pet shop, including the plastic bell balls. I had someone new stop by and asked how many cats we had. When I said two, they just shook their head looking at all the stuff. But with all the store-bought toys, favorites are always toilet paper and paper towels. Oh, well....gotta love them! :-)) dj


Donna, thank you for your lovely photos with your cat's "work". As I can see, she has a special penchant for tearing paper. I have two cats called Mary and Felix and their favorite activity is playing football with small plastic balls that make a lot of noise on the floor ♥:))

thank you, jyl, I'll work on it...Sherry :)))


@sbwilner Had the same problem with my elderly rescue; I'd wake up in the middle of the night with a horrendous ache in my lower back because she was sleeping on my belly. We now start out with me on my side and after we fall asleep I'm on my back and she's on my rib cage where there's no pain generated by her. You might want to try starting out with a different posture. Took me a few nights, but it works really well now.


She older now and a little better. I just keep smiling! (It does make me laugh though.)

I'm sorry, Molly is about 90% TP or PT mishaps...doesn't like people food, stays out of the garbage...most annoying is that she wants to sleep on me all the time...kind of drives me crazy sometimes...again, I'm sorry...when I had Rocky and Pebbles (16 and 17 years), everything was kept in cupboards, fridge, oven, or the microwave, even when we had to leave the room for a minute...I loved them and remember how it wishes and good luck...Sherry :)))


More Cat Toys! :D

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