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This April, Seagirl and I headed out for our California trip. A short ways from home, we took a short cut on a rural country road. It was there we spotted this old building tucked in the trees. I climbed up a little bank so I could get a descent shot, hoping it would make a puzzle.
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  1. paarn5:23
  2. bogtrotter5:46
  3. Kate1096:03
  4. marble166:36
  5. karlee6:50
  6. DrMary7:06
  7. sue17:09
  8. WendyKay7:12
  9. denisebruy7:13
  10. cobra7:14


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It made a beautiful shot, redness and all. :-)) Love it. Thanks for sharing.

My husband is a hoarder and would give his eye teeth for this grand old shed
Beautiful old tree too.


I think WVHillbillytoo is right, that old buildings touch something in us. They do take one back to another time--they stir up memories!

What a fun puzzle. Thank you!


As always seagirl17, You have great old barn pictures.

I think old buildings touch something in all of us, by taking us back to another time. Some of the times, way back when and others not so far away in our memories. An apology to RewiredNW in advance... I think old outhouses would make a wonderful subject for your photos. Just don't work from the inside. A perfect old building for Jigidi. Thanks seagirl7. connie


littlecanary, I never knew people were interested in photos of old buildings until I started putting puzzles on this site. For whatever reason they get many more solves than most other photos. We went along the California coast as far as twenty some miles south of Mendocino. In February I got down as far as twenty some miles south of San Luis Obispo.

nice picture


Nice! I love pictures of old sheds and barns. Whereabouts in California?

I like your work. Please don't develop an interest in old outhouses. ;-)~


Sea girl, you are a good puzzle picture finder! Interesting photo and the building looks so neat in spite of its age. Thanks.

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