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Richards Street Vancouver

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I took this picture on Dec 18, 2012 looking south on Richards Street.


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Thank you Jacques.


nice one


Hi Lorna and Ank. I'm glad you are both still with me as we walk around Vancouver for a while. Yes, the old and the new are side by side. I'm glad you like the street scenes - even the grey rainy ones!!


I agree, that's pity. The church is very beautiful. But it's the time Lorna. Not the big building is at the wrong place but the church. The church does not earn a lot of money, the big building does. Just the law of the money. You're right. Shame.
But Cathy I love the photo and this shows very well old and new together. Thanks for showing. I like to solve your puzzles very much.


I llike the street scenes you've been showing us Cathy. Shame that the impact of that rather impressive Cathedral is lost by the huge building behind it.


You're welcome Gladstone! The large church is Holy Rosary Cathedral but I don't know the name of the office building behind it.


Thank you cevas. Do you know what that large building is?