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Snooker's Slate!

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Snooker recently came though the area while on vacation and brought a piece of Texas slate to me and one to Chickiemama...for our gardens. It is so nice and I greatly appreciate it! You can see Chickie's piece at:
Taken Mon, Sept 23, 2013 in Litchfield, IL.


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Well, I have to go back to take care of another family who missed getting assistance from the sewage flood. Heading back to Springfield after work.

It was a delightful morning, Mimi!

I am rested and rarin' to go, Snooker. Thanks.

You're most welcome, Floyd! It's a beauty.


Thanks Laura for sharing your treasure.

Hope you got some rest, Laura. Don't know how you get through some of the things you do and see.


Hope it will be a lovely bright shiny morning for you my dear! :))


Been out all night to a flooded apartement complex. It was flooded with water and sewage. I just can's do any puzzles tonight. Gotta go to bed. Goodnight all!


It fits right in, Laura!


Very handsome indeed, and I agree, it looks perfect with the soft greenery around the strong look of the slate. :))


Perfect spot for it Laura. : )


I like the layered colors it has in it.


What a nice gift! I like the warm colour of it.

It looks nice in it's new home. Laura. I posted a link on Sandy's puzzle that talks about the difference between slate and shale. Believe it is slate. :)


Nice little piece of Texas to keep in your memory and yard.


It is, Pumpkin! When I look at it I think of Texas and Snooker and delicious lunch at Applebee's she treated me to!


Nice rock, LJ! So nice of Snooker to bring you both a little piece of Texas!