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WEEKLY THEME: Squares and Rectangles - Cubed Squares Cubed....

36 pieces
119 solves
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Tricky it was... I wasn't thinking tricky when I created it, I just like the way the cubed squares looked.... Good fun to test the puzzles skills of Jigidi's speedsters... You must have given it a second shot as now you're number 5... I tried it a couple of times and my best has long since vanished.... :) :) :)


She's not on the board any more and I could apologize for that but would have a hard time making it sound sincere. Unless I solve this again and get a better time I'll be in the bone yard myself soon. Tricky little tidbit here Sally. Right now I'm second from the bottom with 2:22. Gonna give it another go. Thanks


RS, you are soooo cute! I love my new plan name, MMMMMMMM for short!


Well done, Mimi.... You've discovered one of the great secrets of the Universe.... I think we should call this 'Mimi's Monumental Method of Manipulating Multitudinous Mystical Mazes'.... :) :) :)


Well my dear I did pretty well - for me. I have discovered a new method to use on your more difficult puzzles. I just look around until I find a piece that COULD NOT fit in a particular place, and sure enough it goes right in. It's a fine, logical plan! :))


Thanks, Whattie... I'm still laughing from your 'Yankee Doodle' on Chrissie's puzzle... Great comment... :) :)))))


Terrific puzzle - very clever. Thanks much :))))) (2:12)


Shirley, mate you're still on the board... I did have fun figuring out the right technique for getting a different image on each side of the cube... I learned the upper left corner goes to the back so you don't see it... Hope I remember that next time I try this.... Thanks mucho.... :) :))))


I see you had no problem, Snooker.... Some folks just have don't care if they shove the puzzle maker off the board.... LOL.... Great time, Pat.... Beat the heck out of my 2:35.... :) :)))


Thanks, Patti... It sure was.... :) :)))


I see you had fun building these pretty little boxes sally, but I need a lesson or two on building the puzzle, LOL, a little tricky, but fun, Thanks Sally.:):)

Weren't nothin' to it. But then I couldn't even get on the board on the other one. :) Think those 4 cubes are just floating around in there. Lovely.


Wonderful -- and much harder than it looks! Thanks Sally!


Thank you Chickie and LJ... I agree with both of you... Each square was the same, but the piece shapes were different.... Sowwwy.... Tee Hee.... :) :) :) :)


I agree with Chickie...very challenging, Sally!


Wow, this was challenging. Thanks Ditto.