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"San Francisco, Golden Gate" - by Kinkade

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"I'm stunned. I've just seen something astonishingly beautiful and unexpected. I came upon a half hidden trail overlooking the bay, and followed it down through a dense eucalyptus forest leading to a small beach. A fisherman there told me, 'Few know about this place but it's like nothing else in the world.' As he spoke, a dense fog lifted, and before me stood the majestic arch of the Golden Gate Bridge." __Thomas Kinkade


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Very beautiful.

Yes! However, some of his paintings are very demure; and I often wonder what mood he was in; or did he simply capture the scene as he saw it. For example "The Garden Tomb", which I almost posted today since this is the season of Lent, and Holy Week.


This one is very colorful and that is what I like to see. You can almost always tell that it is a Kinkade by the sky. The Painter Of Light!