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My house from the driveway - ten years ago

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There is a small blacktopped area in front of the house from when there were three cars here. I made a path from the car to the walk going up to the house.


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One good snow is fun and a snow day for the kids is enjoyed by them (but not the parents) I agree that it is beautiful. You might enjoy looking at some of the snow pictures Elfie has put up these past few days. They are getting lots of snow in her area of Denmark. There is one today (Sunday, Jan. 13) of her property. Wow what a view.


Ardy, I like to have ONE snow a winter where no one is able to drive anywhere for a day or two. I think it's incredibly beautiful when everything, especially the trees, are covered in snow. It never ceases to be breathtaking for me.


Wendy, we aren't that far apart. I figure you are about two hours north of me. I just hope it doesn't happen this year.


Ardy, this looks like my town after a typical snow!


Wow. Laurajane. Just noticed how fast you are. Welcome to the top spot.


Hi Lauralane. Not every year but we've had some bad ones. A year ago I needed to clean the walks a little one time. The year before I was without power for 4 days and the inside temperature was 47 degrees F. The weather people say we could be in for a lot this winter but maybe not. I hope it's "not." Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.


Wow, that is a lot of snow. Do you get as much now-a-days?


I'm definitely in favor of very little of that white stuff. LOL


(Thank you, Ardy. I'm not snowed in. A few weeks ago we had around 9 inches, but dug out the next morning and have had very little since then.)


Thanks, Patti. Fortunately none of this white stuff right now and none predicted. Would love to keep it that way. Are you snowed in? Hope you can have a good day today. Glad you dropped by.


A lovely place! Thanks, Ardy. :)


I hope that means you found the link I put on one of your recent puzzles about Callie Lou. You are very welcome. I think it's a wonderful, powerful story.


Ardy, thank you for your thoughtfulness. Much appreciated.


Thanks, Pat. Glad this is past and I hope not future!!


Beautiful thanks Ardy


I'm past snowman building age Dagmar, but you are welcome to do so. All you need is some snow! My friends who spent the past three years in Vermont moved to southern California. One of the Christmas gifts was Snow In a Can. You actually could mix it with water (I think) and have enough for a tiny snowman. I don't know who sent it to them.


I know that you don't like snow very much, but I would have loved to build a snowman. :))
Thanks for some cold fun in the nighttime. :))


Yes, Ank. Once I could get out and about it looked pretty. It even looked pretty while I was shoveling but I was younger then! LOL Thanks for coming by. I'll be looking for Micky's picture tomorrow.


Thanks Hanne. We have had a few years recently with that much snow. Three years ago was even worse. Thanks for letting me know about tomorrow. That will be a big job and a hard one. Take care. Hugs.


That's a lot of snow friend, but it looks beautiful.


You had LOTS of snow, Ardy, isn't it rather seldom that you have SO much?? Do hope you won't have those amounts this year!! Thanks so very much. By the way, tomorrow I'll be away all day so there won't be any puzzles posted. Perhaps I'll be able to visit you when we come back again, we are going to empty my mother-in-laws apartment.