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Let's polka, Dot!

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30 pieces
178 solves
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This is a jigsaw puzzle. It is not a Connect-a-Dot :-)


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Hey Dottie... check out my puzzles in a little while... you will be the star feature :-)


LOL!!!! Good one, Foxy!!


LOL... it IS made for you! We do have some wits on Jigidi - plenty to smile about reading the comments. Thanks, D...O...T...T...I...E... :-)))))


LOL!! Great comments!! I suppose this puzzle was meant for me...thanks Foxy! Dottie


Oh my goodness, we have a puzzle addict on board!

Where's the number for Puzzlers Anonymous? :-))


Such a FUN solve! Can' (❛ᴗ❛)


LOL... a to the point comment! Thanks, Pam :-))


This polka dottin' puzzle really hit the spot, Foxymoron - a fun solve!!
Thanks. :-))


Love to hear you laugh :-)))


LOL! :)


Dots? Groan, groan... :-)

Yes, the comments can be quite entertaining especially with some of the fine wits around here.
Thanks, Ardy :-)


Dots a wonderful puzzle, Chrissie. So much fun. Love the comments. Thank you.


Wow! That is high praise coming from an expert puzzle creator! Thanks, Willy! You are a champion :-)


Doubt it, Shirley as we both use ad blocker. Sally said she will email you with info about emoticons later today. She knows more about it than me :-))


Woooooooooooooooooonderfulllllllllllllllll, wow...……... what a pretty puzzle!!!!!!
Thanks so much Chrissie, must solve the bigger one also! ♫☀♥☺


Thanks, Sally and Chrissie, I know they don't like me having an add blocker, so I was wondering if it had something to do with that. ☺


Thanks, Shirley :-) Must be an oldie 'cos I don't remember that one!

Not a clue as to why Jigidi is not letting you post the notes, I don't use them so I asked Sally if she was able to post any emoticon thingies today. She said she has done some this arvo just fine but added that Jigidi can be a bit fussy about what it will display. I'll just imagine I can see them :-)))


I see "Polka Dots and Moonbeams" an old Frank Sinatra song☺Thanks, Chrissie, for this fun puzzle.
I would have added some musical notes but Jigidi is not allowing me for some strange reason. :):)


You are an utter nutcase, old buddy old pal! Poke 'em all and see what happens... whichever one yells the loudest is the one to poke :-)))


Why would we poke a dot? Has the dot done something that we need to poke it for? Are we teasing it? Or is it more of a slow torment? Which dot do we poke? If we poke the right one is there a prize?
So many questions about poking a dot!