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Ball at the Beach

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627 solves
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Edie, Mandy doesn't always get the top spot, and she does lose some, but I think she's beaten all the fastest solvers at least once, and probably more than that....and that's because she is one of the fastest solvers. :-)

I'm going to make sure that Mandy sees your suggestion. I think it's a great one. hehehe


LOL, that funny Wendy but who's going to decide when she's not up to speed? I never see anyone within spitting distance of her.
I think the leader board should be more like olympic skating or diving competitions. The top and bottom scores are thrown out and only the rest are used.


Edie, I always feel sorry for Mandy. I agree with you that she must find solving puzzles pretty routine and boring. If her top spot time isn't all that great, it would be nice if she'd get a screen that said "Congratulations, you are the fastest person to solve this puzzle, but you should step up your speed or you're going to be losing lots of top spots in the future."

Willy, thank you so.................... :-)


This is so ...................., I don't have the words for it!!!!!!


I usually use the 'hunt and peck' method that my chickens have taught me. And you must really feel sorry for poor Mandy. I mean really she misses out on so much. No wondering 'Did I make the board', 'where am I on the board', 'can I improve on that time', 'I'm almost off, should I try again'. For her it's just 'Ho hum, you are the fastest person to solve this puzzle' she must be so sick of seeing that. She's missing out on so much. Poor Mandy LOL


So, Mandy, I see that reflective light doesn't affect your solving speed. LOL

Magda, I feel sorry for any animal that's caged. Maybe birds don't mind so much, and I suppose it's better than being euthanized. Did, and do any of the birds still pull out their feathers? If not, I'm assuming they're much happier now.

Edie, I see that you do much better when you use the old college try. What were you using before? The kindergarten rules of thumb? LOL

whatnauts, you JUST miss the leader board. Perhaps if you'd used the old college try that Edie used, you might be on the board. hehehe

It occurs to me that Mandy must have used the Master's degree attempt to put herself at the top. :-)


This ball must be very lonely at the beach since it's so cold out. But I see lots of people at Jigidi had a playful time with it :)) (7:51)


I gave it the old college try, just one more time.


Yes, my granddaughter worked in the Humane Society in Toronto, so there were so many unadoptable parrots(having pulled out their feathers due to frustration), instead of putting them to sleep, she brought them home. Now she has 3 cockatoos ( 3 died) and lots of other parrots, from lovebirds to cockatiels, and God knows, totaling around 30! So, once you start....


Wendy, this is marvellous - I love way you've got the light reflecting of the top of the ball!! Thank you so much :~))


On a side note, every pet I've ever had came from a shelter except for one my daughter found in the woods, and one that had spent its youth in a barn.


Edie, you obviously didn't eat any of the Necco wafers. LOL


8:04 DRATS.....


Yes Magda, I really do and right now an additional 3 foster kittens who came in at 5 weeks without a mom so they needed to get out of the shelter right away. Most of mine were considered unadoptable by the rescue I volunteer with, for various reasons and that's why I ended up with so many.


Magda, it's all wishful thinking on my part. It's springtime now, but it's snowed three days in a row here...although the snow yesterday and today has been very light. I want the weather to realize that it's not keeping up with the time. It better get its act together soon.

PJ, thank you. And I'll visit right after I post this.


Wendy - ooooooooooooooh, great design and wonderful idea. Even the colors are bright and fun.

Since you were interested, remember the talk about goat cheese on Mandy's Day puzzle - I've made two puzzles inspired by brown cheese - with info.


Isn't it a bit early for a beach ball? Or are you in Florida now?
Edie (if I may call you so) do you really have 2 dogs and seven cats?


Edie, I just now posted some old Necco Wafers. I attached a warning (not suitable for eating), but there might be enough sugar to provide you with some additional energy. As it is though, you've got a very decent time. :-)


That's more like it. Easy, breezy, stress free even though I got off to a terrible start. Don't know why I decided to start with the red and spent so much time on it. Will do better next time. Thanks, really fun.