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I TOLD you - NEVER talk to strangers!!

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Good to know, isn't it?? Thanks so very much Ann!


So THAT'S what parent birds say to their babies to make them afraid of humans. I always wondered how they taught them that. Thanks Hanne and Bent..............


Dagmar, I'm SO happy to hear that you like them!! You really got him going!! Do hope that you had a good week! Thanks so very much and SO nice to see you again!!


I had it even better than Mimi, I had a whole six days to catch up with, it was wonderful fun to start the week. I'm absolutely maravelled by your imagination. Bent is creating a wonderful world of mythical creatures and thrilling adventures for the little warriors that seem too brave for their own good. Thanks for a morning full of surprises and I'm looking forward to see the next problem they row into. :))


I intended to write something like that but it would be too long a headline!! Thanks for completing it, Robbie!1

Mimi, I'm so glad, you didn't have to worry that much then, when you could see the end of this episode so fast!! Thanks so very much!!


I never did get to solve yesterday so had the fun of 2 days worth of story today! Thanks!


Oh thanks Bent and Hanne!


"Oh chill out mom, you worry too much!"


We'll have to wait and see!! Thanks so very much whatnauts!!


Another fiasco has been averted. Will the adventurers ever catch a break??? Thanks Hanne and Bent.


They are skeletons from eaten "something", Lela, perhaps giant frogs!! Are there any that big?? Thanks so very much!!


What's that on the edge of the island?....looks like two decapitated frogs!....


Perhaps they don't like eating gold!! Thanks so very much Sandy!!


Oh oh, they could become feed. Thanks Hanne.


No, till now these islands have turned out to be not friendly at all!! We must hope for the best, Ardy!! Thanks so very much!!


If our Golden Adventurers are wise they will get going while the going is good before the parent bird decides to attack them. Thanks, Hanne. This is not a good stopping place for them at all.