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Rectangles Run Amok! (Smaller)

42 pieces
142 solves
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Just pdevredis and pdevredis65, Rosie. Jigidi allows you to post a max of 4 puzzles per profile, and a max of 8 puzzles per IP, so those two profiles are all I can use. I'm so glad that you've been enjoying my puzzles, and I really appreciate your letting me know! Thanks so very much! :-)))))


I love it. What other handle do you use for puzzles? I've been doing this one since I joined in Dec. and can't go to bed unless I've done at least 2 of your puzzles and will do as many as I can find. I love all of the crazy designs and patterns you come up with and the mail slot that some people seem to find.


Thanks so much, Hester--it's very different for me, so I'm glad you approve! :-)))

I know about that, Mandy--I'm thinking of setting the older ones free to live out their days in the wilds, since I'm always capturing new ones! :-D


Yes, Pat I decided discretion was called for with your XXL one!! It looks wonderfully tempting, but I have too many bookmarks still in captivity... LOL!


Ooh, Lookie at what I found! I followed Wendy here and what a treasure trove this is! Great puzzle, Pat! Thanks. :-))


I see that you did do the medium--I can see that it was a doable size, looking at the leader board, unlike the large, which is apparently a huge monster! LOL! Thanks, Mandy!


This is a very cool new technique Pat - I thought it would be harder though, I may try the next size up!! Thanks so much :~)


Thanks so much, Wendy, Ardy, and Edie! I just assign the puzzles randomly, but I think I usually put the ones I'm more sure of on the other profile, only because I set those up first, and then I ponder and waffle and dither over what to put on this one if I don't have a strong second candidate!

This one just came to me last night, and I made 2 the same way, a way I've never used before. I drew about 8-10 overlapping rectangles, and then I used the crop tool to cut thin slices out from various sections, moving them to other places. I did that about 2 dozen times, which is why some areas have lots of tiny little snippets of color from all the overlaying. I'm glad you like the experiment! :-)))


I like the way you can see them laying on top of one another. Reminds me of pick up sticks.
Lots of fun. Thanks for the great set this morning Pat.


Love all the colors mixed together. A bright, sunny puzzle. And I temporarily am on the board. Thanks, Pat. This is delightful.


Pat, this is FABULOUS! Lately I've been loving your pdevredis65 puzzles quite a bit more than your 'regular' alias creations. It seems that with the use of this alias, you're coming up with a lot more new creations. :-)