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Thanks, Jo. It does look like the glass chips and semi precious stones in the old kaleidoscopes. I have a small collection of kaleidoscopes... such fun! I appreciate your comments, my friend


Beautiful and richly colored!! Reminds me of "Old" kaleido stones shapes!! Thanks for the memory!! :)


Mimi, you are a persom to whom I woiud love to present these jewels. You are such a treasure. I'm glad you enjoyed them, my friend!


Magnificent jewels, is this my Christmas present??????


Not hallucinating, T. That message was for Hanne. I must have missed you as you are so camouflaged. Email shall come soon!


Lol! Now I see them clear as day. Happy, bright eyed little guys, except that little fellow on the bottom,,as you said. How clever, Hanne! Thank YOU, my friend, for the laugh!


Indeed Jewels!! I like so very much those happy ducks with green eyes and red beaks that fall heavily down on a green man's head. He doesn't seem to like it much. Down left!! Thanks so very much for the laugh, Jill!!


Been there, read that! Excellent news flash! Email to discuss further? Sleep well, albeit a late start to the night :-)


Brilliant, mate. Rather like Tom Sawyer whitewashing the fence. I shall go to sleep ( 6:31AM...bah!) while visions of treasure chests dance in my,head. I've put a news flash for both of you on Sally's puzzle!


Maybe BB was a Digger at heart.. a wannabe Aussie :-) I have heard of those legends too of the barrier islands. Who knows but that you may have a home built on top of some treasure! A good way to get the garden turned over for Spring planting if you tell your friends about that LOL.


Oh, ETC, you are ETC! He would have to fight Blackbeard for them! Around these parts, legend has it that Blackbeard buried treasure on Jekyll Island. As time pased, I found that legend to be said about a large number of the barrier islands. He must have been one, wealthy, busy, dude who liked to dig, lol!


Long John Silver would give his leg to find a haul like this! Thanks, Jill :-) But we'll tell him to hop it :-)


Kirsten, you sure do know how to praise a puzzle! Thanks, my friend!


Thank you, dear Shirley. I'm glad you enjoyed both the features and the solve!


Beeyoodeefull jewels, Jill!! Thanks so much. :)))


Pretty foursome of shiny jewels, fun to solve too, Thanks Jill.


Hi, PJ! Thanks so much. I'm very glad you liked it!


Jill - beautiful and glorious. So fun to solve.