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Today, 2/1/13, cardinals, purple finch, and sparrows.

Not in the picture are the nuthatches, both white breasted and red breasted, chickadees, crows on the ground, downys and tufted titmice.


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Thank you, Niccilino. I appreciate your comment.

I suspect we get all of these birds because we are feeding them.


What an absolutely fabulous feast for the eyes! I wish we had birds like these in England. We had field fares and goldfinches in the garden this season which is unusual, and saw some waxwings when out walking so mustn't grumble!


Thanks, Texasstar7 and PLG.

So glad you like these, Texasstar7. I enjoy sharing them.

PLG, I know that some can hack into computers and see through the computer camera (we don't have one on the PC, just the laptop), but this is the first I've "heard" of hearing from someone else's computer too. LOL




Oh, wow, I love this! What a feast they're having, and what an eye-feast you must be having! Great photo, snow, too. Thanks, RH.


You are welcome PLG.

Funny, I was just showing D my puzzles and he was interested in the comments. I had just told him that you hadn't been by yet. Did you hear me? LOL


Wow, what a great collection of visitors! Thanks, RH!


Thank you, Chickiemama, Gnt, Freetime, and Yuplynn.

Chickiemama, at times I believe we are! ; ) I don't think we have any near neighbors who feed the birds.

Freetime, yes, and breakfast and dinner too. ; )

Yuplynn, the yellow thing is the roof of the suet feeder. ; ) I like it in the picture, though we could have cropped it out, because the yellow makes a nice complimentary color. You can see the snow piled high on that roof as well as high on the roof of the tray feeder.


Is the yellowish/orange thing on the right side a bird?


I think the word is out where they should all come for for lunch!


nice pic


You have quite a gang there. I think you might be feeding the whole neighborhood. LOL