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Grizzly Bear

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I won't take any risks with any of the wildlife to see them but at a distance.


Glad you stay in the car Marian, and with keys in the ignition, and hand on keys, right? lol!


I'm not a big coffee drinker a matter of fact a cup will sit alongside me until it goes cold, but I'll still drink it.

Hi Yellowgal...glad you enjoyed this picture....this is not my photo but recently I saw several Grizzly bears and also black bears while in Banff, but I make sure I stay in the car with my camera.

Fantastic photo! A grizzly that almost looks friendly (?) and sweet eyes. I didn't think that was possible, but what do I know. Thanks for sharing him, Marian : )


Ask my cats Marian...I must be a grizzly b4 I get my morning coffee! They're so darn cool! They know when I get up, to wait and talk to me "after" I talk to!!!


Hi Jim....funny...

Glad you liked the grizzly Claudia...


Great comment Jim! Love it..and Marian, I'm so glad this grizzly is getting his morning bath..:)


How sweet! You took a photo of me before I had my coffee! LOL!


Hi Plumpossum...when our family visited from Melbourne in June, we were fortunate enough to see several grizzlies when we went to Banff - they were so excited (our family, not the Grizzlies!) This year I have seen more bears than in any other year.


Not exactly a teddy bear, but a great photo.


I'm glad you both liked this photo Barb and Pat...maybe he was fishing for salmon...


I agree, great photo...a fishing grizzly :) Thank you Marian :)


Great picture..