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Looking a bit wintry for October 11th!

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Thank you, Shirley. :)


That does look chilly, Thanks for the pic, Patti.


Thank you, EF. Me too -- we can never have too much fall!


We had the same in Calgary. Looks nice but I do feel it's too soon!
I like to see more Fall weather:)
Nice photo PLG.


Love it !!!


Thank you, Roseheather, for your thoughts. I think we love the same things! I could picture the oaks, evergreens, birch, & snow that you talked about! Love it all!


Lovely. Absolutely lovely. We had some sleet on the windshield on Wednesday, I could hear the ping on the glass as I was waiting for my husband.

I especially like the look of oak trees, evergreens, and snow. The oaks hang onto their leaves through most of the winter so they add that lovely muted splash of color. It looks like the leaves on the ground in this picture are maple.

One fall we had an early snow and the yellow (fall colored) leaves were still on our white birch. What a lovely site that was. The golden leaves, snow, grey bark, and dark limbs. Really an inspiring sight. I love snow, but I especially like it when it gets refreshed now and then, and soem winters we have had a fresh dusting over night nearly every night for a while.


Foxy -- ggrrooaann!!!
Snooker -- sorry 'bout that!
Sally -- I'm smiling with her! :)


The snow is coming.... The snow is coming.... Warm fires, hot chocolate, cozy afghans... Are you smiling muffin?? :) :)

No! No! No!


Yikes! Looks colder than the inside of our freezer!

Yellowgal, didn't realise you live in Egypt.... in de Nile :-)


Yellowgal -- You had me laughing!

Jacques -- Well, I love it for a couple of months. And when I get tired of it then pretty soon we get a gorgeous spring snow and I love it all over again!


i hate winter, but i enjoy the snow (for 1 day)

It was a challenge to do this puzzle with one eye shut . . . . . I choose to live in denial for as long as I can !


Thank you, everyone! I enjoyed all your comments!


Well for crying out loud!


I agree Morris! Let it snow! Thanks for the early taste of winter Patti.


Wow, this is wayyyyy too early!


That's a winter chill. Too early. Thanks for sharing PLG.


Let it Snow!!


Hi Patti, this could be a photo of my view this morning. Everything was white. It was our first night frost. But today we had a lot of sun, a beautiful day. I can't remember we ever had night frost at this time of the year.
Thanks for this beautiful photo. It makes a lovely puzzle.


Now who's idea was this? I'm not ready to give up your fall pix yet! Recall, recall! Thanks.