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Trying to eat peanuts

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My son's dog who is the labrador in the picture eats all vegetables. My dogs don't like any. Not even carrots which are good for them.


I remember one of our dogs eating raspberries when we walked through the woods. He was very good at picking them from the shrubs. :))


Surprisingly it's the first one we've had this winter. Usually we do one a month year round. It's the first thing the kids ask for when they come to visit. I wouldn't let them roast indoors, they're way too messy so doing stuff outdoors with them is perfect.


A winter picnic. Reminds me of college days. Twice in February we took a picnic to Plum Island, a bird sanctuary, on the Atlantic coast in Massachusetts. My young and foolish days are over. I'll roast my marshmallows in the indoor fireplace, thank you. Great picture, Edie. I know my dog friend, Frazier, loves his peanut butter treats. I'll have to ask if he's ever had peanuts. Thanks for sharing this.


I think all dogs do Jana. I know they love their peanut butter flavoured dog treats.


Hi Edie, very beautiful photos, thank you very much, caress from me all three dogs, my dogs also love peanuts :-))))))))


You have got to be kidding ??????


My daughter with her niece on her lap. They were trying to eat peanuts but the dogs were all over them. My dogs will eat them with the shell but I don't think it's good for them so they only get them if they happen to fall which happens pretty often when the kids peel their own. My son doesn't feel the cold and he's working on getting the fire going more because the kids wanted to roast marshmallows. Thanks for your nice comment Ank


A lovely photo Edie. Is that you with the yellow jacket? I become cold when I look at the young man, just in a T-shirt. My neighbour also does. Brrr, so cold. I had a Bouvier. If I was peeling peanuts, she came to sit next to me, and then she wanted peanuts too. So I peeled and she ate. So I gave her a unshelled peanuts. It worked, she did peel them herself.