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For a Certain Dingbat I Happen to Know

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And not you, dear Hester! I wouldn't believe you if you said you were ugly. No one with your personality could possibly be ugly.


Not Growly...LOL


Hester, who is larger than life and twice as ugly? Not you! Not Growly!


Aw Wendy, Larger than life and twice as ugly!! LOL...:-))


whatnauts, isn't it great that Hester is alive and well! That's not a question. It's an exclamation. hehehe


Awesome puzzle. Thank goodness for Dingbats :) !!!!!


Hester, you don't know Mandy well enough then. She saw you clinging on for dear life, and I'll bet anything her wicked side took over and she felt she just had to solve it (to see you drop into oblivion).

Well, that's the whole point. She won't have fun creating a puzzle where she knows that you won't have fun either. So everyone will think how mean and rotten Mandy is for making a puzzle that you won't enjoy. I think it's a good punishment. If you can think of something better, just let her know.

I can't wait to see what Growly is going to do! :-)


Mandy, you didn't push me off...I just slid happily into oblivion!

Wendy,that wouldn't be as much fun. It's all in the thrill of the chase...or the downward spiral of the helter skelter! You get so many solves on your puzzles that I was lucky to hang on to tenth for a nano second!

Fear not for Growly's moral standing. He will prove himself to be "above" all that raucous malarkey. And that is absolutely my last word on the subject. ;-))


Actually, Hester, I wasn't trying to create a MIro, but I admit that as I played around with this one, I thought it did resemble one of his works...and I LOVED it.
I'm excited about seeing Growly again! I hope he didn't break into the liquor cabinet again....or go to another brothel to find some companionship.

Mandy, don't pay Hester any mind (ignore her). She's a dingbat so any forgiveness she gave you doesn't count.
And now that you're curious about the punishment- I'll have to think about it. Geeeeez. I'm sitting here trying to think of a good one, and I can't come up with anything right now. I know! Make Hester a puzzle that she'll get the top spot on. Put in the title something like "ONLY FOR HESTER and NOBODY ELSE."


Oops, my bad - sorry Hester - how very rude of me to push you off your own puzzle.... what shall I do as penance Wendy??? Hester appears to have forgiven me, but I think she's more of a swallow (of the bird variety) than a snail!! (PS my original comment appears not to have appeared)!!! I love this puzzle Wendy.... and keep seeing something different each time I look at it.


It's ok, I'm well used to the slippery slope! LOL And Super Speedy Mandy deserves her top billing. I am but a snail in her slipstream!

I'm so glad you mentioned Miro. I was thinking there was a definite influence from that direction. Not that he ever put fish in lamps...

I'll be posting a Growly puzzle in a week's time.Then you'll see what he gets up to at this time of year. I shall say no more....:-))


Mandy, you just knocked poor Hester off the ladder when you took the top spot. BAD Mandy!


Hester, Hester, Hester! I'm so glad you found this, my dear lovable Dingbat.
But please, I would never put a fish of any kind inside a lava lamp. Now I see where you get your imagination from, and why you have been willing to put poor Growly in such precarious positions...on ledges and whatnots.

mariasha, I was thinking it's kind of like a Miro....but I'll take Dali. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Ohhhhh, geeeeeez!!!!!!!! Hester, you can't fall off the 10th spot. This is NOT good.

Salvador Dali has nothing on you for the fun.


And she loves this one, Wendy! LOLOL I'm looking at this and thinking a parrot fish got into one of those lava lamps! Glug, glug gloop! Up and down he goes till he's cross-eyed and dizzy....just like a certain self-confessed, card -carrying dingbat! :-DDD


Pat, the dingbat I'm referring to, and the only one I really know is a dingbat because she actually admitted it, generally sticks to puzzles in the small sizes. I'll give it a day before I let her know I posted this puzzle (if she doesn't see it on her own). This isn't her 'normal' kind of puzzle to solve....but she has loved quirky ones of mine at times.


But you know so many,, can we at least all share it?!!! LOL!

Loved it--I think it's my favorite version! :-)))))